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By SpottedTail
Sage RPLX 1290 - 9' 12wt. 2pc. Has foregrip. Is a meat stick.n - Asking around $275 OBOAbel Super 10 - Has my name engraved in small letters, but also comes with the Abel Arm and backing.n - Asking around $425 OBOScott S3S 9ft 10wt 4pc - great conditionn - Asking around $300 OBOEmail me if interested.n
By SpottedTail
figure of speach, volfish. the 12 wt is a stout rod."Andy Parker" is engraved on the Abel. If you are seriously interested, I can take a photo and email it to you. If you're creative, I bet it could even be etched through or else made into something else. But its not like the reel works any better or worse, unless of course you think my name has bad fish karma.
By RonS
Hey Spotted-Did you post this on Mike's board? I'm thinking those 50 plus stripers need a meat stick.
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