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By fishpimp
Tell me why I shouldn't get the Stealthcraft Aftermath. Why would I get a Hyde Contender?
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By -G-
They're le-heavy and don't rowe as nicely. I feel a little dirty saying that too living about 1 hour from where they're made but it's the truth. If your looking for something to keep you safe from grenades and 50 cal fire I'd go with the stealthcraft though.

Shhh don't tell batcke
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By fishpimp
I've been known to hit a rock or twenty...still haven't figured out the rocks under high bridge...
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By -G-
Haha well that might be the rig for you then. I only say that bc steamin and twav both have hydes and I feel like I can row back upstream after a two day float in their boats where as my buddies with stealthcrafts are more lunky. I think both of them have the G3 bottom on their hydes and seem pretty damn tough as well though. Just don't get the trout print if you get the stealthy, I'm begging you.
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By stillsteamin
Ya but stealthcrafts got them neon lights inside, plenty of storage for the nice tube top girls what hangout on the curb there behind the wesco in baldwin. They got the fiberglass molded box seats too so you ain't gotta leave gap tooth Tara sittin there like yesterday's fish, she's healthy so you're not gonna want some sheet metal bolted into plywood. Little free speed here - you take her along you're gonna want a roll of duct tape, a good stout hardwood pole, maybe inch in diameter, four feet long or thereabouts, and a snorkel. Tell someone where you goin, when you plan to be back, and don't worry about the smell, if it ain't stankin you're not gettin in there right.

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By Spicytuna
I am a Clacka Craft guy through and through.

Literally had one rear ended through a Lincoln Navigator in 03' and I still float that thing today.

Hope this helps
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By D-nymph
This thread is funny. I've been considering essentially the same question as fishpimp. My next boat has to be 15' or less to fit in my garage. I'm tossing between Hyde 14'-6" Low Pro & a Stealthcraft Aftermath. My rivers also have tons of rocks/boulders. Not worried about myself smashing it up & more about my friends who row less often & some of them have attention spans that regularly end with 'whoops, didn't see that one'.

How much does Hyde charge for the fancy bottom? Ballpark range, I've never inquired with them.
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By stillsteamin
I believe the G4 bottom option runs about $1,500. Have heard some guys say they've had issues with the seal failing, mine is a 2004 14.6 LP ex-Yellowstone river guide boat with the G4 maybe they were built better back then like most things but its bulletproof. I've bounced it off a lot of rock, in Michigan and in Montana, dragged it across gravel, over pavement (not long distances), never had an issue. I don't even really think about it. Only thing worse than a scratch on her is a small crack in the fiberglass just under an oar lock because my friends are stupider than your friends.

Nice thing about the Hydes like G said they row better than Stealthcrafts. Downside, not a fan of their customer service and neither is my buddy who bought a new one a few years ago. Maybe we've just had unusually poor experiences. I would hope as an emerging builder, Stealthcraft is working a little harder to keep people happy.

Not that this should matter at all, but since nobody is building a shitty boat these days (unless fishrite is still making bathtubs idk) to me its a lot about the feel and your perception of the brand, like Chevy vs Ford. To me Hyde is the Winston Rod Co of the drift boat world. Refined, purposely plain looking, highly functional, longstanding history and tradition. Your dad might've owned one. When I think about a Hyde I see a dusty Montanan in a cowboy hat rowing his clients down the Beaverhead or Big Hole, fishing the same hopper dropper he's been tying for years. Stealthcraft is the Mystics or Clutch's of the rod world. I'm sure they're making some really nice stuff, but mostly just taking an old wheel and making a different looking new wheel. Maybe not quite flash over function but its at least equal, no history to create complacency but also no tradition to add value and meaning. In the rowing seat of the Stealthcraft is a 28 year old guy with a large Instagram following, swears by an 8'9" rod for streamers, knows a lot about how but not as much about why. Catches the piss out of fish, as many or more than the old timers. Just comes down to who you'd rather spend a day with.
By Palometa
If I went fiberglass, it would be a CrackaCraft, they are the Cadillacs IMO. When you pull on the oars to back row, you can feel that boat pop up on top of the water and slide upstream. The Hydes, like 'Steamin said, are the Old Man of the river. Never been in Stealthcraft, but they look like a total clunky abortion. Plus, they're swaddled in AD wrap.

Why would anyone want to row anyting other than a Koffler? Indestructible. They have a half-life of 50, a family heirloom, handed down for generations....
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By Lando
Loud and hot?
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By D-nymph
Thanks Steamin.

Yea, what Lando said about Koffler, while they are kind of cool looking, not the ideal boat for here. Was checking out Clacka's Eddy this morning, and it's 15'-11" that looks like the nicest boat going. My biggest issue is getting the boat to fit in my garage while staying married. I have one of those old houses with a tiny garage. That's why I feel options are limited, not many boats in that size range. My 13' raft fits in there good on the trailer, a 15' boat is cutting it close, the garage is that small. 16' boat may partially block access into the garage from the house, that's gonna cause a ruckus.

Probably I should move & get a bigger boat. :cheer
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By Adams
Might be tough to arrange, but row whatever you are interested in. And then row others. You'll notice a helluva difference between boats. Then buy the one your wife likes...

I think that suppository is more fitting term.

whatcha tying?

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