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By austrotard
makes perfect sense.

I reckon it's easily a half oz of teeth.
I also reckon he hit them with a hammer afterwards to justify the 4k.
"oh, they come out in bits" he said.
horseshit. they say anything when you're out cold and your trousers on back to front.
By chadroc
yeah, for sure. and theres cum in your hair and your dick is hanging out. you could, you possibly could, construct a necklace made of teeth and earlobes culled off a future skull. i hear that the lobes, they tend to cure up nice and shriveled and brownish. folks walk by, hey what the fuck's that necklace? oh shit. com'on kids, other side the street. quick.
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By fatman
first the Ko-reans, now the Rooskies

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