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By Milo
pending funds
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How much of a power difference (as In power= force * velocity) is there between the 7 and 9? Both of them fit my 9 waite nicely and really just need maximal stopping power. Really appreciate it.

This is why you have to include tits......
Milo wrote: Mon Oct 01, 2018 10:32 pm I am in Seattle, WA BTW if shipping/pick up is considered.
Ah, now this makes sense.

Also, the austrian lives down south where their toilets flush backwards or some shit and everything's opposite so you have to tell him to please make more jokes like that. You cannae expect a dog to sit if you're telling him to stand. My 2 cents. So now it's like you owe me money.

PS: When providing tits for yard, it's been established elsewhere that they must be of the feminine variety. Tits on a boar pig, while perhaps better than nothing in prison or stranded on an island, are entirely useless here.
Exotic trips are such a waste...

I mean this one time in Mexico I took a shit load of drugs and went into a whore house exotic dance club. The trip was good and all but tits are just fine and dandy sans psychedelics. Plus you cannae get a boner.

Speaking of tits, where are the tits?

Scratch that, save the tits and just fuck off.
LTFI wrote: Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:35 am I mean this one time in Mexico I took a shit load of drugs and went into a whore house exotic dance club.
Prefacing with this before stories pretty much excuses all wrong doings right off the bat
What color is the writing on the reels? I would like it to match my fly rod.

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