kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
By NEKvt
Mine made it today with a note from the mail mentioning damage in shipping. It looked like someone stomped on it a few times. Flies look awesome guys :cool
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By steelhyde
Got em today. Thanks for the best swappage I've been a part of yet. No dog shit flies allowed!

A few notes on my fly (if you care):
1. Cut off one of the hooks if you feel so inclined. I usually cut off the front hook.
2. Sorry, I tied the junction a bit too tight on many of the flies. Cutting off the front hook will help this. The foam was really the killer. They'll still work fine but just wont wiggle a ton. Which actually might be ok...
3. Whoever got the fly without rear rubber legs, sorry.
4. Whoever got the fly where I tied the rabbit hair in backwards on the rear hook (you might not even be able to notice), sorry.
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By BearsFan
Just got home from work and saw the flies were arriving, ran to the mail box with beer in hand.

FUCKING SICK!!!!! Top notch ties all the way around. Stickers are fucking sick as hell too. Thanks to WB for hosting this thing. Got a few virgin boxes that need to be tatted up, will post pics. Also dieing to make it up north to throw these things at night I'm seeing some monster browns coming to hand.

Who got the "One Love" sticker? Need a pic of that thing wherever it ends up for my bud.
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By Woolybug25
BearsFan wrote:
Who got the "One Love" sticker? Need a pic of that thing wherever it ends up for my bud.
I couldnt help keeping that for myself. I havent figured out where I am gonna put it yet though. :cool
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By LeechingBunny
Opened up the box today to find my box all beat to hell, but gold inside. Awesome mice from everyone, can't wait to toss them. Thanks WB again for hosting this thing.

I tied up the articulated bastard with artic fox and finn racoon and foam head. To those 2 that got the gray mice, I ran out of browns and the shop wasn't getting any in, so hopefully they'll still work for ya'll.
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By BearsFan
I wonder how many rabbits and foam trees we killed for this thing?
By JoshO
Package received.

That is one big box O micey goodness. Awesome work fellas. Night fishing for Browns is gonna be a whole lot more fun this year...

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By _9er
got back from a streamer trip last night to these bad boys... very nice! they will see some serious action this summer on the pm. Great job everyone! :cool
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