kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
By Kylemc
It's a bet...

Bookie Mitch..please lay the odds

edit...I hope you got the shitty eyeless gurglar
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By stonedfly
Kylemc wrote:It's a bet...

Bookie Mitch..please lay the odds

edit...I hope you got the shitty eyeless gurglar
I'm gonna sharpie a smiley face on it and its on bitch!
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By overbrook
Kylemc wrote:edit...I hope you got the shitty eyeless gurglar
Nope...I did...but hell probably don't need eyes...and if it does...I got plenty :smile

I gotta say guys...I just opened mine...and these things look way better than Vaku's pics let on ( no offense Peter)

Hopin' to slime a few in the morning! :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes
By f*carp
thanks much for the flies, gents! Hoping that the rivers dont blow for the weekend so they can get a workout.
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By crabtops
Damn! My first swap on the suk and by far the best I've ever been apart of. Thanks guys and thanks to Thal for hosting.
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By stonedfly
photo (4).jpg
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photo (3).jpg
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photo (1).jpg
photo (1).jpg (241.96 KiB) Viewed 915 times
By Kylemc
Nice! River of shit?
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By stonedfly
Kylemc wrote:Nice! River of shit?
Nah, FB just above the knox, you know, so I can get my drink on in the after hours.
By Kylemc
ahhhhh yes
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By overbrook
fangxiang wrote::Roll Eyes This is a good story! There are lovely things,
Point open to see it! :cheer

Fuck you buttercup!
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By befuddled
holy shit, any chance of a recipe for the mississippi mudflap?

kick ass fly
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By Pelhament
Sure man, there are a lot of steps but its actually pretty simple to tie.

Hook: Wide Gap Bass bug hook 1/0-3/0
Back Legs: Round Rubber , 4-5" piece of Macrame cord
Chaps: Rabbit Strips
Body: Orange and Black Schlappen, Black, light orange, and dark orange 2mm foam
Front Legs: Round Rubber
Eyes: 3d Eyes

Tying Instructions:
Cut a 4-5" piece of Macrame cord and make thread wraps about a half inch from each end. Comb out "feet"
Cut a 4-5" strip of foam in all 3 colors, anywhere from 3/4"-1" thickness is good.
Put hook in vise, attach thread (goes without saying)
Attach 4-5 strands of Orange Round Rubber at bend of hook.
Find center point of Macrame cord and push eye of hook through that point. Slide to the back of hook. Secure with figure 8 wraps.
Tie a bunny chap on each side of the legs.
Secure light orange foam on top
Secure black foam on bottom
Secure dark orange foam on top of light orange foam.
Attach black schlappen and palmer forward (to about half way point.)
Attach orange schlappen and palmer foward (leave space to tie in foam.
Attach front legs (2"-3" on each side)
Pull black foam forward and tie off and remove excess foam.
Pull light orange foam forward and tie off and remove excess.
Pull dark foam forward and secure, then pull the excess back over itself and tie off leaving a cylinder shaped head. Trim about 1/4"-1/2" tag end.
Whip finish, head cement
Attach eyes
I mark the back purely for aesthetic reasons, but I'm sure it doesn't hurt.

Hope that helps, feel free to PM me with any questions.

Take care,
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