kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
Winter’s coming. So are the midges.

Capping it at 12. Each tyer spins up 22 flies - 11 flies of two different patterns. Size 20 or smaller. A good coozie is required.


Usual rules apply: organized and sorted flies (don't send me a baggie full of #22 flies I have to sort – they’ll just get sent back to you), toe tags required, proper postage (Mitch excepted), have your flies in by the deadline, etc.

Deadline: Dec. 15th

Patterns: ... 08#p367244

The 1st midge swap was great. Last year's was top shelf. Bruiser don't lie.
Bruiser wrote:I saw the flies last weekend and will agree. That's about the best bunch of swap flies that I've seen. Good job folks. :cool
I'm expecting the 3rd to be the best yet.

Who's in?
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By Lurgee
Sign me up.

Triple articulated red thread midges with beauty shop bought hackle.
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By vaku

I was thinking that a midge swap would be a good idea

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By Bruiser
I'm in for a change. I still have saddle hackle so one of mine will be a floater.

PS if anyone will be fishing that well known NM tailwater this weekend please let me know.

PPS get Lando in here - he may not admit it but he ties very nice teeny tiny flies.

PPPS someone please tie some that will work on the James Taylor tailwater!
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By Bruiser
Lurgee wrote:Sign me up.

Triple articulated red thread midges with beauty shop bought hackle.

PPPPS: ha ha
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By shunned
this could get rather dear.
I'm just trying to remember what 11 stubby holders cost us last time.

and it's hard to get fancy tying midges... let me have a look and I'll let you lot know if it's worth your while.



we'd best not send the same 'coozies'.
every twat knows you can only get two types in austria...
and funnily enough they both sport tits.

By JoshO
It's supposed to be one coozy you fk'n over achiever... On the other hand I need a matching set Aussie foam boobs, so you're in!

By blue ridge angler
Put me in coach..
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