kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
I know two things.....Lurgee sucks and my flies work. You may have to trim the tail a bit as I was getting tangled some the other day.
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Lando wrote:I know two things.....Lurgee sucks
That hurts, but is very much deserved.

Truly sorry guys, I had a few things making it difficult. They will go out tonight via next day to GB.
Heero[CntRmbrPwd] wrote:Shame.
The ones I made that look like shrimp are to blame.

So in a way this is all your fault.
Done and done. Flies ready to ship. Asked a few of you (4) for addresses so check PMs. If I didn't PM you I have your return address and your flies will go out today.

A few things:

1. You can thank ChaseChrome for the badass stickers. You'll see soon enough. :bow :cool
2. Most of you, unless you sent me a fly box, will be receiving a cigar box courtesy of Average Joe. The flies that you receive in said box are guaranteed to NOT catch fish.
3. There are a bunch of great flies in the mix. I've already caught fish on Steel's two craw patterns. Good shit for sure, all the way around.
4. There were almost enough coozies to go around so I think just about everyone got one.
5. Post pics of poop fish caught on these flies.
6. Thanks for playing.


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I just got a sweet sack of goodies in the mAil. Everything looks great. Can't wait to stick some carp.
Who threw in the Old Town Fly Shop Sticker? Is there someone in my neck of the woods that I don't know of, or is that from Lurgee, who got it from Ron, who got it from Ruddy Duck? Or if it some other passer-by let me know when you are in the area again and I'll buy you a beer.
Best Swap Thread Ever

Thanks GB and everyone for the excellent fly ties!
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