kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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By ak_powder_monkey
Hogleg wrote:
ak_powder_monkey wrote:
got my shit together
Bold statement Monkey.

No reason to disagree as of late.
I'm talking about the important shit, my muddler tying shit, the rest of my shit is spread all over Alaska, the internet, and the world at large.
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By Horn_Identity
[report]I recently got permission from the house boss to move some of my fly tying shtuff up so I don't have to freeze my ass off down in the dungeon.

Here is what it looked like back in 2007. Lots of big drawers to hide all my fly tying shtuff. Dark, cold, and quiet, good place to play music though.

I promised to behave and only bring up very few of my tying shtuff. Let there be light.

My god Zeus was kind enough to share the only room the boss is allowing him to stay inside the house, the back porch room. We promised the boss we will behave ourselves, so far its been good.

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By Horn_Identity
fly-chucker wrote:
FredA wrote:
fly-chucker wrote:nice quilted butt pads
I'ma hafta find me one of those.
yea, my snarky post was actually due to envy
[report]Meh Fly Chuck, no worries. It's nothing to be envious much about. Beggar can't be chooser. Back porch room is an extension of a 100 year old house. Chair is nothing special. Padding is thin but does give enough support. What I like is that there's enough room to teach my boy side by side with me. I since also installed a plasma flat screen TV. Yeah, we ballin now. How do you like the sunflower trim? There's much pimpin left to be done in this room but it has potential, me think.

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By overbrook
SnuffBox wrote:
Saw the hanging gallon ziplock bags in a DVD somewhere. Solid mount, easy to pack in a hurry.
That's how I roll.
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THAT. whole st up is shit hot. footlocker included.!
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By blumpkin

How you hacks do this ponderous nonsense without a view is beyond me...
Your weed dealers must have phones, I got to catch my dude pushing his van to the gas station.



Someone should be living on my couch, tying my Muddler swap fly's as rent and gorging themselves on Phillipino food.

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By SnuffBox
fly-chucker wrote:Snuff,

barn board wainscot?
Real close. Horse paddock from my folks' place. I can't get them to visit unless I put them to work.

blumpkin wrote:[report]

How you hacks do this ponderous nonsense without a view is beyond me...
Your weed dealers must have phones, I got to catch my dude pushing his van to the gas station.

How you manage to meet your swap obligations with a view is beyond me... wait a minute...

T-weed + tunes - visual distraction = shit wired tight. You know what I'm talkin' about.
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chainsaw. instant window.
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By fatman
Deadwestern wrote:[report]Image[/report]
tell us about that Gibson. Southern Jumbo?
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