Winter steelhead fly swap 2019

kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
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Re: Winter steelhead fly swap 2019

Post by yard4sale » Thu Jun 06, 2019 4:01 pm

pbrstreetgang wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:53 pm
can you glue those paper JC nails to mine? Those are like the clip-on tie of the fly tying world...
Good call. If I tie them in just right you get a really nice spin which works great with the rubber legs. Maybe I should add a blade too.

You guys all fish with tippet swivels right?
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Re: Winter steelhead fly swap 2019

Post by stillsteamin » Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:30 pm

-G- wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:46 pm
Plus maybe a bead in front of the stinger hook.
i put a bead in front of the hook on all my flies, then i throw away the fly part and flush bobs.
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Re: Winter steelhead fly swap 2019

Post by LTFI » Thu Jun 06, 2019 9:35 pm

Im leaning towards my current hot fly. 1/8 ounce jig head with pink wiggle tail, i'll palmer a hackle round it so you can fish the fly water. It's killing the shad right now, steelhead are dumb they'll eat it for sure.

Guaranteed 2nd place behind steamin's bead fly.

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