kind of self-explanatory, right? We seem to have some impressive thread-wrappers that lurk around this board. let's try to keep your "first booger" posts at a minimum.
By alanthealan
Want to be cool and swap some flies, but too afraid of Drake's elite swaps? This is the swap for you. Any fly that you can tie accepted. 7 person limit we know it take hours to a single fly. Photos of flies to be posted for ridicule and enjoyment.
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yo, i am in. i wanna tie artic foxxee clousers . afc. subvaria :coffee
By alanthealan
Wolly buggers are of course accepted.

That's two.

Come on folks we are not looking for quality, just some poorly tied flies.

Heero you in?
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By 2Hi2Fish
got bags of my first shitty flies. If they are used is that OK? I don't want flies in return.
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oh god i am not sure i want in this :coffee
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By flymph
2Hi2Fish wrote:got bags of my first shitty flies. If they are used is that OK? I don't want flies in return.

I could send some of these also, not exactly sure what they look like, but I was proud of them at some point. (must have been drunk at that time)
By alanthealan
All shitty flies that you yourself tied are excepted.

PM me if you are in.

I have:

Flybug with foxxee clousers

Fleyes with smallmouth streamers
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By NeedmoreDEET
I'm in with something ugly for bass or the snooks :cheer No trout down this way & no tiny freak'n hooks in my kit.

By alanthealan
1. Flybug with shitty foxxee clousers

2. Fleyes with shitty smallmouth streamers

3. Alectoris with some shitty hackled dries

4. Needmoredeet with some shitty something or other

5. M.D. with a shitty Frustration Pool Emergers

6. Salmotrutta with foam hoppers

7. alanthealan with some shitty scuds
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come on, i know 2 more people can tie some shitty midges or something
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