All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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By Woolybug25
[report][color=#FF0000]Haven't updated in a while. I suggest doing ten shots of tequila while jamming to the "Bitchin Room" thread... [/color][color=#00FF00]and once your night starts mellowing down, twist one up and let your night fade with the "Smokin' Thread".

Good compliment threads. [/color]

[color=#0040FF]Remember that we lost one of the best 30 years ago[/color]

let it be....

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By Ephemeral
[quote="Woolybug25"][report]let it be....

That was real nice right there.


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By slavetotheflyrod
[report]Cram a pinch of this in yer pipe.

The 3rd vid is especially tight.

Light and enjoy![/report]

As if the song itself ain't great enough, the video rocks, and if that's not enough throw in a cameo from Steve Buscemi.

Pure fucking genius this...
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By chuckphlegm

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this segment incorporates music from my mis-spent youth, dead or dying chicks, blood and monsters. enjoy please.

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By blumpkin
I plaster this one everywhere,

why not paste it up here

I am a bit of a rock-N-rolla...

from 2:36 on I require a seat belt and air bags...
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:cool I concur with WB :cool

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