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By Woolybug25
Mitch - I had to test for the job I have now and didnt quit tokin' until two days before the test. I have taken 5 in my life... passed em' all. Here's what ya do.

1) Supplies - Bottle of B12, Shitton of H20, Juices of all kinds (aka orange, cranberry, guava, pong, whatever), 2 pharmacy drug tests
2) Take a B12 in the morning and at night.... BUT NOT THE MORNING OF THE TEST (This is going to replace the B12 you will be losing in your piss and also give it more color. If you dont have it, the test will come back "inconclusive"
3) Alternate one part water until you have to piss, than whatever juice you choose until you piss. You will be pissing probably close to 20 times per day
4) The night before take the first test. If you pass, than fuck the second test and take it back to the pharm to get your wonga back. Also quit drinking all the water and taking B12 the night before the test.
5) If you fail it. Start drinking only water until its leaking out of your ears, even if it takes all night, until you can pass a pharmacy test. Only take a B12 the morning of the test if you stayed up all night drinking water, otherwise.. see step 1..

ps - make sure that you piss a bit before putting any into the lil cup. The first piss that comes out is the most concentrated.

Hope this helps :cool
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By Spudnik
I say take Woolybug's advice.

Thats sounds so fucking crazy, it just might work!
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By shunned


I'm gonna have a great day with the little one this saturday. :Roll Eyes
I'll earn an easy 5k some other time. :coffee
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By ditchdoc
Um...can I have that job you're not doing? 5k? That would pay for a nice fishing trip to Chile for me.

I know, I know, ain't happening. Crap.
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By shunned
5 fucking minutes after getting the heads up from the projects manager.

ringring ringring

stoner mitch: g'day
guv'nor: umm.. g'day. is this sidney vicious?
sm: umm... yeah.
guv: tell me, how the fuck did you get a reading of 68 only to go back and get a reading of 78?
sm: well first off, I didn't drink 2litres of orange juice before I went in. I've popped these fucking liver pills and had the most boring weekend I've had outside the clink...I did everything I could, mate.
guv: so... you seen much of amy winehouse?
sm: you're going to get a bit of mileage out of this aren't you, mate?
guv: heh heh... years, mate... we're just installing a sharps bin out the back for you. well I've got good news and bad news for you...
sm: oh yeah, what's that then?
guv: bad news.. I need to you come in and look through this contract and after that I need two copies of each page... about 200 pages all in.
s m: good news?
guv: you've about $800 in air flights in your name for the next year. I can't get a refund.
sm: fuck me... that's all right. I'm off to england the end of may... who's the flight with?
guv: qantas.
sm: well that's hardly good fucking news then.
guv: heh heh... make sure you don't fail your pilots test, mate. I'll see you when you get in, we've a new photocopier and I can't figure the bloody thing out.


ty was right.
marijuana is a gateway to awesomeness.
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By Woolybug25
Shit man, $800 walabi dollars would get you to the Seppo West. You should come out and try to catch some real fish, mate... :cool
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