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By blumpkin
Fucking Xmas in September, next order goes through your shop Ginseng, this wonga went to Oregon.
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By shunned
ah for fuck's sake... I've been buying my skittles in jersey.
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By blumpkin
Bump... I got nothin lately
Shitload of new flys from you guys for hosting a swap
But nothing in the new gear category
Come on show me the goods...


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i have more dead shit this morning :coffee
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By Salmotrutta
More feathers & yes- I can still cast a 1 hander good enough. Fly fishing shows are teh new ghey. :coffee
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By shunned
I think you'll find fly fishing shows are the old gay, poof.

fly fishing peepshows are the new gay.
soon to be old.

new shit (bar the leather lazyboy the missus brought home for me today)
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busy weekend, me.
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By ditchdoc
Just put some wonga down on a used Clacka. Have to drive West to pick it up. Soon.
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By Salmotrutta
Went fishing with West Chester yesterday. Fugger grabbed my ass. Not new gear, but it gave me a new kinda boner.

None of the other PA Posse showed up except flybug. Pussies.
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By Hogleg
In the last 60 days I've been a bad, bad boy:
Truchero's 3 man, 16' Scadden pontoon boat
Bears Fan's Sage Xi2 8wt
New Grey's Platinum XD 10wt
New Pfleuger Trion reels for both the salt rods
New Rio and Wulf salt lines for the aforementioned reels
New Galvan Torque T4 with extra spool
Two new lines for the Galvan + spool
Sage DXL Typhoon pack
Dyna-King rotary vise

Total= Fuck me!
Gotta have some reward for working 60 hour weeks. All cash though, glad I don't have kids to put through college (DINK's- Dual Income No Kids). Shhhhh, wifey don't know 'bout most of it. She might notice the bote though.
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By blumpkin
Good stuff, you guys are pullin me out of my funk a little bit...
That might be the best matched set up ever shunned, seriously slick...

Here is my wish list:



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By Spudnik
Salmotrutta wrote:Went fishing with West Chester yesterday. Fugger grabbed my ass. Not new gear, but it gave me a new kinda boner.

None of the other PA Posse showed up except flybug. Pussies.
You bums went fishing and didn't invite me?! Where'd ya go? If you hit the limestone by you, I'm gonna be upset! I'm dying to fish there.
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By unskunkable
just recently I've picked

Abel super 8 Pac. striper fish graphic

Xi3 11 wt

Galvan T-12

A fuckload of lines to dink with
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