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By alteredstates
Ramcatt wrote:
there was a homeless dude who had maggots eating at his leg that got me today

this is way more memorable in person

as far as the internet goes, feces consumption has seemed to stick with me (also more memorable in person)
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By Spudnik
Big Wood wrote:did you see the one with the dude that put a glass jar up his ass and it broke?
i jerked it to that one
Woah now that is fucked.
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By RaZ
where does the Emergency Room staff even begin?? :gun
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By stripstrike
I saw pictures of Timothy Treadwell after he met the bear for dinner.
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By Lenny
I bet the pics of a room-temp Michael Jackson w/o makeup would make you lose lunch. :vomit
I bet the pics of a room-temp Michael Jackson w/o makeup would make you lose lunch.
That perv made me lose my lunch when he was alive
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By slavetotheflyrod
stripstrike wrote:I saw pictures of Timothy Treadwell after he met the bear for dinner.
Saw those too, didn't bother me much due to the fact that I'd seen Treadwell's "work" prior. Every time I watched one of his video's I was hoping the bears would maul him.

"Hi Twinkles... You're a nice bear aren't you? Yes you are..."

I gotta say, the video of the Olympic Luge accident stuck with me. The sound of that guy hitting that steel column is something I'll never forget.
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By jerms
I was hung up on checking one site that had a ton of fucked up videos a number of years back. Plenty of videos of insurgents cutting the head off of a captive. Nasty shit, that.

Took a while for me to learn my lesson and stop visiting that hellhole of an internet stop. Took longer to get rid of the memories of the gurgling sounds a person makes as they bleed out from their throat. :vomit

Of course this was just before I deployed to Iraq, and I swore I was coming home and not ending up like on of those poor bastards.
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By slumpbuster
In college I picked up dead bodies at night for the mortuaries and then during the weekends I would clean up crime scenes (murders/suicide/any of the nastiest most horrible shit you can think of). I can assure you that what you see on the internet is nothing until you've seen that shit in real life. I will have the smell of decayed/burnt/rotting flesh in my nostrils until the day I die. Just take solace in knowing that whatever you have seen you will forget about by Thursday.
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By Rif_Raft
A 30mm Rarden cannon fires a clip of three projectiles, one option open to a gunner is to select an APSE round, Armour Piercing Special Effects. (You fire this baby with a foot pedal, look through the site, take aim, and 3 rounds can be fired as fast as you can hit that pedal, what a fucking rush let me tell you!). The round hits the target, shit happens and a molten slab detaches from inside a tank turret and bounces around within the turret. You dont want to be in there when this is happening.

A T55 is an old style Soviet tank, crew of 3 (I think), these were commonly used by Iraqi forces during Gulf War 1. Very low tech, mass produced. A 30 mm round goes through a T55 like a hot knife through butter. I dont know how many were taken out by the Regiment I was attached to but - I made the mistake of going up to one after it had been hit, no real outward sign of damage just a perfictly formed 30mm hole in the turret, I looked down inside, a vision of hell was seared into my retinas, pulverised human flesh, would do anything to erase that from my memory.

Anyway how is your day going?
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