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By Float Rod
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Major League jerk charged with intentionally vomiting on 11-yr.-old Phillies fan
BY Katie Nelson

Friday, April 16th 2010, 5:21 PM

Philadelphia Police DepartmentPolice say Clemmens made himself vomit on an off-duty police captain and his daughter after a companion was kicked out for unruly behavior. Related NewsNow that's some vile bile.

A Phillies fan vomited on a dad and his 11-year-old daughter during a game at Citizens Bank Park this week - and the angry dad says the foul mouth did it on purpose.

"I turned around and looked at him and saw the most disgusting thing," said Michael Vangelo, an off-duty cop attending the Wednesday night game with his two daughters and the older girl's boyfriend. "He was sticking two fingers down his throat, intentionally trying to make himself vomit."

Vangelo, a longtime Phillies fan, said he sought cleaner pastures before things took a disgusting turn.

"I tried to move my kids away from him as quickly as possible but it was a sold out game," Vangelo, 43, of Easton, Pa., told the News. "Before I could get them moved, he vomited on us."

Matthew Clemmens, of Cherry Hill, NJ, was charged with assault and harassment. He was arraigned Friday and ordered held on $36,000 bail. Clemmens now joins a storied history of Philly sports fans, including Eagles followers who tossed snowballs at Santa Claus and cheered when Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin lay motionless after injuring his neck.

The old Veterans Stadium where the Philadelphia Eagles used to play had a jail in the basement.

"The minute we sat down, there was a group behind us using obscenities, foul language and just being a general nuisance," Vangelo said.

Swearing led to spilled beer, and eventually one man hawked up phlegm that got onto Vangelo's daughter's hooded sweatshirt. The off-duty cop was fed up, so he called security over and had the spitter thrown out.

The entire group left, but later Clemmens came back. Witnesses said that's when he started to make himself yak, in apparent retaliation for his friend getting the boot.

"I heard him saying, 'I'm gonna get sick,'" Vangelo said. "There is no doubt in my mind he leaned forward and hit myself and my daughter with vomit on purpose."

Puke splattered the jacket and pants of Vangelo's 11-year-old, and Vangelo was hit on his hands, forearms and shirt. A fist-fight between Vangelo and Clemmens ensued, where both men threw punches. Eventually other fans and security squashed the brawl.

The Pennsylvania cop said all he could think about was the possibility of getting arrested and leaving his children alone. Two days after the incident he had just two words for Clemmens.

"If I could say something to him now?" he pondered. "Grow up."

The Phillies beat the Nationals 14-7.
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By Lurgee
That's too funny. I was actually at that game and watched it go down. I saw a bunch of chaos happening in the upper deck and found out the next morning what had actually happened.
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