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By shunned
finished puppy school, went straight into 'whatever it's called now' school. asshole school.
tonight was the 3rd class of 6.

rochester listens at home... he sits, he ducks, he weaves... but around other dogs.. fuck me. forget it.

all he wants to do is play. continuously.
well except when he wants to eat his own shit.

he loves other dogs/people like I love ginger birds.

drove me fucking mad tonight. at one point he jumped in the air after this alsation and I yanked on the lead so hard he did a 360 in the air.

the whisperer comes over with her "magic" treats and he does everything she says. everything.
like a different dog.

after the class I was pulled aside and told not to yank on the lead so much and just to stand firm.

my problem with this little touch of accosting?
I've not got all fucking night to wait for a 6mth lab to calm down whilst there's other dogs about.
I'm thinking about a choke chain.

we didn't talk much on the way home.

payment for my big bag of whinge:
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I've been using the E-collar to train my setter. Instant correction and response. May be frowned upon by your instructor, but I don't find myself yanking the lead much at all.
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get the E collar Mitch , use the lowest setting first, it should not take that much. you must stay consistant in your training ,never let up till the dog gets it. i have been thru this with bird dogs like 4 times now. :coffee
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By Jon
Try the flank hitch. Take a long leash or lead, attach it to the dog's flat collar and then run it back along the dog's topline.
At the waist, go around the belly and back under the leash at topline, creating a "half hitch".
When the dog pulls, they tighten the hitch around their belly. They DO NOT like that feeling.

Most dogs will not pull against that very hard or very long. The dog is creating his own discomfort and learns not to pull.

Oh, and Labs calm down around 3 or so. If you're lucky.
The poor fucking dog is tramatized over being named Rochester.

I would bet he goes berserk around other dogs because they are busting his balls about his name, and everytime you call him they laugh harder, which makes your dog become unleashed, pun intended...

You must have scored a bag of weed that was laced with fucking Angel Dust to come up with a name like Rochester.

your pal,

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By shunned
I chose the name because he is my houseman.
and benson was already taken.

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cool looking pup :coffee
hey cunthead, you're still a Coward.

now onto the other dog, my 85 year old father decided they needed a new dog and got another golden pup. likely the only dogs stupider than labs. he has been using the choke collar in union with jon's method and she won't pull more than once (short memory). it seems to confuse them a bit too which helps. if that doesn't work get the shock collar. the main thing is to never give an inch. you need to be alpha male and there can't be any question of that. the next time your wife is going to let you have it for doing something stupid ask her to please not do it in front of Rochester, it weakens you position. good luck.
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By ditchdoc
I like the name Rochester. Dignified. He's a beefy guy.

And Labs ain't particularly dumb in my book. Mine is too fucking smart by half.

Never heard of that half-hitch technique around the flanks. I'll have to give it a try and see what my dog thinks. She's well trained, but I want to see what happens.
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By Mattb
ditchdoc wrote:And Labs ain't particularly dumb in my book. Mine is too fucking smart by half.
Truth. I've got a 5 month old at the house that's already figured out how to push open the sliding door. He managed to escape twice before I figured out how he was doing it. And who's the dumb one?
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By shunned
fuck. imagine the ass ache you'd have with one of those fucking things.

'where's the baby?'
"I don't know, I thought you had her..."
"well, where's the dog?"
'oooh shit.'
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yup :smile

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