All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
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By jhnnythndr
DUDE- The E collar is a game changer. Now she knows, even if there is no string attached, I am actually still in control. We used it for one week of training sessions, and now I put it on her in the house, or just whenever, though I don't use it, just to make sure she DOESN'T actually associate it with the source of pressure. we are running mulitiple marks with a blind out to 100yds. with a 7month old pup...

Anyway- still gonna go get a month long tune up during august to make sure she is sharp, and not impeded by my own inabilities, and preconceptions... as our duck opener is sep1.

But, 2 weeks ago, working with her was a pain. Now its not just a joy, its the absolute highlight of my day. 2 sessions, morning and night. morning we do the basics, night we work on new concepts, and expanding the repetoire.

The big thing I'm looking for with the FF isn't the fetch and hold, she has that, though she'll roll it around and chew a bit, which FF will fix, the big deal is that she KNOWS that I am in control, period, not her. Anyway, huge progress. Fucking about today I sent her, as though it were a blind, after a live duck... SHe realized after a short time what was up and chased that bird like her life depended on it... once it flew, I called her off, and put her onto a bumper I had tossed while she was swimming. she's getting confidence in my handles, which is NICE.
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By austrotard
I never did get around to beating him with a stick.
when I frowned he'd lie down.

I'd apologise for the bump.
but it is the bitching thread so fuck it.
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By Float Rod
Awesome picture, Mitch.

So sorry for your Family's loss....
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By ironman
What the fuk are those purple cuffs atop your wellies? I'dve walked in front of you too, mate, just to not see that ghey hosiery. Thank dog Rochester was color blind.

Nice tweeds though. I suppose you made that Hardy ginger as well. You stole her bag, nonetheless. We know what goes on too.

Great pic. I'm really in awe of your strength. Kinder gentler, and all that bull shit. I was a puddle after losing my first. For a long time. Been thinking of you guys a lot this week. Doesn't excuse the Jesus Quintana purple stockings though.
We've all considered beating our gods as much as they've considered biting us for all they're worth. It's a monument to the relationship that it seldom occurs, and both are the better for it.

And everyone knows a bit of purple attracts unicorns... :cheer

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