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By steelrain202
tailingpermit wrote:
Fishheadlarry wrote:
tailchaser wrote:why would such a successful business owner waste so much time here on the suck?
10 mins every now and then - with my morning coffee...always pre 6amish...
Is that before or after your morning stroll to the
barn for old banana tits daily milking?
damn another funny!
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By steelrain202
#454041 wrote:run along now and fix us all a mint juliep, we are weary from the days fishing.
i wonder if the general contractor of these projects would be interested in your doping adventures,nah, i need you to keep working so i can get my retirement check. run along now and hurry with our mint julieps
Amen brother he needs to work hard so I can get my Army retirement check
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By fallen513
personally, I'd love to see flybug skull fuck larry, but that's just me.
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fix us another mint julip chap, and don't be late for work, there are many of us you are working for.... :cool
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By Fishheadlarry
post up a DD214, and a 2012 Pay Stub.

I'd venture to bet you are one of the schlepps that tell make-believe war stories at the bar (to impress your spey-tard buddies)..

While you're looking for that DD form (hahaha) - post up a pic of your barn (I wonder if your shack can hold a stick to mine - based on a former military cook's meager pension check - you probably live in an efficency apartment above a run-down fly shop)..

You couldn't qualify to swap my deck with a friggin mop...


General Contractor??? - you mean my fishing buddy who partakes in the herb..(newsflash - the grunts get drug-tested, the principals do not) I did not expect you to know that - since you never did (and never will) own a thriving, growing business.


your pal,

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By shunned
confession: everywhere I stay I nick a pillowcase to keep my dirty clothes in.

confession disclaimer: londa, if one went walkies from was thndr.
he also stole one of my socks... but he can keep it. I don't want it any more.

statement: life is far too short to amuse lying fuckstick cowards. amen.

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run along fuckpole larry, you bore me now :coffee
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By The_Fuk
Well Numbnuts still hasn't manned up, no real surprise about that.

Even your deflections are beginning to suck more than ever.

See ya Numbnuts have a wonderful life (thanks foe button) and remember Karma can be a bitch.

Last edited by The_Fuk on Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:00 am, edited 1 time in total.
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By Sugarbush
Would anyone save a picture of their own house as "House at Powderhole area"?

Don't think so.

They would save it as "Lake House" "Powderhole House", any number of things, but never "House at Powderhole area" unless they were floating down a river and took a picture of someone else's house.
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By Float Rod
yeah, cunthead is even lower than I thought he could be

way to rip on a vet's pension. what a fucking piece of shit you are.


fucking scumbag weasel.
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i would not give you the pleasure of seeing my 214 or any other govt entitlements, you would claim they were falsified anyway, post whatever kind of dogshit response you want ,i won't be able to see it as i join the others hitting the bullshit button. i wish you well on your fairy tail "career" of truck driver at a rock quarry, used car collector and photographer of other peoples houses. I will admit to being amused by all this, especially since you are working for us , how does it make you feel to be owned? to a narcisstic person like you the feeling must be unbearable. Remember, work hard everyday and keep those taxes paid up. run along now and fix us a bucket of mint julieps

your pal,
Fbug :coffee
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