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By fatman
jhnnythndr wrote:Think of it as "horse" but with firearms at night in the dark instead of a basketball.
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By jhnnythndr
Croaker I ate a bunch of oysters at a Christmas party the other week- but they were steamed which is alright not perfect. I'm probably getting a bushel this weekend and roast.
By fullwells
This winters co-workers...Donkey,monkey,Viking.
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By Lurgee
I just walked the old Main Street and stopped in my happy places with exceptional friends.

I miss it here.
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SLSS wrote:Scoped clean after two years.

My wife's smile lit me up.

Cheers fuckers. :cool
round 2 relates- CAT scan came back clean. The sky is brighter yet.

round C relates- had my voice box rebuilt today. 2nd time, hope it holds this time. For then moment I have a nearly normal voice. I'm not supposed to lift anything over a could pounds for 8 - 10 days, for fear of dislodging the work. Easy does it. bOring.

romeo relates- Four surgeries in 2 years, had the same Haitian American nurse involved each time. Check in the first time around, recovery the last three. She calls me Professor (because when we first met I was reading (on steelheading the OP), and, to quote- You have that big crazy hair I love).

Confess- my heart skipped several beats. The woman is drop dead gorgeous, and funny, which means she's smart. Thank god for me so is my wife, or I'm afraid I'd be outside the nurses window reading her anything she wanted.

I suggested she only date men that read, as it gets rid of the scum layer. Your welcome, bibliophiles.
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By Bigguy
Glad to hear things are looking up Rick, hope the recovery is swift and complete!
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By Jon
Great news, Rick. A clean CAT is a happy CAT.
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By fatman
SLSS wrote: For then moment I have a nearly normal voice.
no more "Godfather"

good news, Professor :smile
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By Spicytuna
Great news man, glad to hear it.

See if they can special order you a voice like Casey Kasem that would be the shit.
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By blumpkin
I shoveled snow for 6 hours non stop off the roof of a condo carport today.
it was fucking brutal.
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By austrotard
confession: never mind the hydraulics, I can't spell structrual to save my fucking life.

relates: praise fuck for the red squiggly line.

elates: quotes. cannae complain with quoting nod wink quotes.
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By D-nymph
You the man, Rick! Good news.
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