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By Fishheadlarry
You will be missed..

The story begins in a forge in the town of Wald, near Solingen, in North Rhine-Westphalia in the year 1846. The owner, Josua Kortz has several friends working for him, including his nephew, Robert Krups. The latter's son, also called Robert, will turn the forge into an industrial company.

Me bets that Robert also needed a way to finely tune & prep his herb,,HERB..:)

This morning, as I was preparing my Breakfast of Champions, I plugged her in and just a slight hum, then silence. The finely tuned German crafted machine finally gave up the ghost.


I had this grinder for 15 years. It never ground a single coffee bean..
It has prepped enough herb to fill a truck via pulse mode ---> purrfect rolling medium.
Tractor Trailer, or 24' Insulation Truck, I'm not sure..
I'll have to sit back, have a smoke, and ponder that some more.. :)

btw - I just ordered a new one from the Krupps online store. Same exact design (don't change a winner) for $19.99 plus shipping..

Rebirth - around Easter...
Who would thunk it?? :)

(my method sure beats rubbin ashes on your forehead, then stroking a check to the Pope - ala the Blind Faithful)...

your pal,


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By slavetotheflyrod
How'd things go with USDOT?
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By fallen513
Would have lived a bit longer had you not stuffed it with schwag.
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By Yard Sale
Should have spent the 20 on better dope, dope.
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By blumpkin
Mmmm Mexican dirt weed,
I would rather lick my own Tain't.
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By tailchaser
you would think a billionaire could buy some decent t-weed...
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By slavetotheflyrod
Any minute now Lawrence is going to chime in to tell us how he only smokes the best weed all day long and we're all a bunch of lazy jobless stoners.

Isn't that right Lawrence?
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By Fishheadlarry
the weed is actually pretty close to lime green in color,,
I did not bother to adjust lighting in the shop, or even put on the camera flash for a bunch of lazy stoner shoprats..

I know, I should have put it on my dashboard and include the outside temp,,,


I should have included a bunch of shit-stained roach paper shards so you fucktards could relate - stealing roaches from your Mother's ashtray, rippin them up, and stuffing your Gerbil Tube full of crapsmoke that tastes like cock - before your date with the rodent...

p.s. the weed smells like cock because you stole the roaches from your Mother's ashtray...Only the best whores burp while inhaling, and you deserve nothing but the best.


your pal,

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By tailchaser
I didn't hear the name the name of your company. speak up, pothead.
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By Fishheadlarry
tailchaser wrote:I didn't hear the name the name of your company. speak up, pothead.
Let me know your arrival time at Syracuse/Hancock Airport.
To prep for our meeting, I will write the name of my company on my knuckles - backwards (a takeoff of the retrad tatt's half of you felons adorne yourselves with),

then, after we meet face to face,

and, before you run away looking for a TSA agent to protect your LOSER ass,,

I will imprint the name of my company in your LOSER forehead,


when you finally awake from surgery and look in the mirror to see how many staples it took to patch up your EMPTY LOSER head, you'll see the name of my company - through blackened swollen LOSER eyes..


Another day, another Breakfast of Champions...
In a little better light,,, not daylight, since, unlike you LOSERS, I awake well before dawn...


Yup - that chit looks like stomped on Mexican Dirt - according to the LOSER XPUTRZ at da DRAKE...
Darn shame it burns, tastes, and smells like King Skunk....

yeah yeah I know - OLD SCHOOL PAPERS - according to the LOSER XPURTZ here I should be using a crusty, disgusting metal pipe like all you cool loser shoprats - that know nothing about smoking quality herb, HERB..

your pal,


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By Fishheadlarry
slavetotheflyrod wrote:How'd things go with USDOT?
$$$ makes the world go round,
and opens doors unavailable to the average LOSER STONER..

too bad you have no $$$, and are a below-average LOSER STONER..

your pal,


(I think I'll fire up breakfast with a flaming $50 bill - just for chits & giggles)..
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By Fishheadlarry

yup that's a seed up front & center..

Missed that sucka when I first prepped the bud via calloused fingers,

but don't fret, that will go into the greenhouse...

Calloused fingers and hands are the result of hard work...
(Google it - cause I know most of you know nothing about it)..

your pal,

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