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By pbrstreetgang
What better way to spend a day of remembrance and reminiscing:


someone please save me something bbq-y. Lime jell-o, coffee, and whatever brand chicken bullion from the Mexican bodega just ain't the same.
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By Spicytuna
pro tip

Don't drink all the water they ask you do with the solution. Your ass will thank you

Half of what they say to drink will be plenty to project anything you had since you were 2 right out
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By austrotard
I'd bet there's nothing wrong with any of you fuckos.

stop watching the ads and you'll find you're fucking fine.

"are you dying today?"
"have you tried happerschappers?"
"it's for dying people like you."

'I was dying every day until mum introduced me to happerschappers. now I can eat and drink and fuck what I want!'
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austrotard wrote:I'd bet there's nothing wrong with any of you fuckos.

stop watching the ads and you'll find you're fucking fine.'
Yeah, well, didn't go quite that way for me. :coffee
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By austrotard
fair point... but that's what you get for being so lucky in love.

hence why I'll live forever.
(so far, so good...)
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By fly-chucker
Peebs, I'm sorry I made fun of you when you were shitting your guts out :bow

now please take the needle out of the voodoo doll, my sciatic is killing me :vomit
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By Redchaser
Friday I have to go to the Urologist because when I had my physical in March my PSA came back a bit high. I hope the urologist is a little guy with tiny hands, because my internist looks like a right tackle in the NFL and has fingers as big around as my wrist.
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