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By D-nymph
Average Joe wrote:
You obviously have a dog. You know how disgusting they can be.

Look at this face.
What makes you think he wouldn't drag my shit-filled pants into the kitchen and roll on them?

I do and mine likes shit as well. Turkey shit, specifically is her favorite perfume. She hasn't had the opportunity for man poo yet, but I'm sure she'd love it.

For your sake, I was hoping you were just writing a comedy routine, because that's nasty. But it's also hillarious.

Good luck!

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By Average Joe
My wife is eating tortilla chips and homemade guacamole as she tells me about her day.

Half an hour ago she put her dinner into the oven: leftover chicken enchiladas and chile verde tamales.

The aroma has filled the entire neighborhood.

I am starring at my lukewarm chicken broth.

She keeps asking me why the dog and the house smell like shit.

I've no doubt the police and/or animal control will be knocking at my door before the sun sets this evening.
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By Average Joe
Round two. Half a liter down.

After watching what the people living in the British Isles went through after Hitler took France, this all seems trivial.

The poor souls in London who lived through endless nights of firebombing must have thought the Western World was coming to an end.
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By CarpeTructa
You got pineapple flavor? I didn't get a pineapple option. That probably would have made it much easier. Bastard.
As a 5X experienced colonoscopy recipient WHY did you doubt me !!!!!! You'll now chuckle at those stupid commercials that are touting some product to get rid of the sludge in your colon. After you piss clear liquid from your ass you realize there is no sludge.
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By west_jay
I'm 53.

You almost had me at "Ass cancer is a nasty way to die."

Then three pages of this :vomit

Christsakes. Modern medicine, indeed.
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By befuddled
Oh my God, I have tears in my eyes.

I'm so sorry for laughing, it'll be me one day I know, but between the descriptions here and that link, that's the best laugh I've had in a while

and thanks, btw, at least I know what to expect. Probably get a motel room for that night :cheer
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