All threads that bitch about new, existing, or old members will be posted/relocated here. Keep this shit off the General forum, because no one wants (or cares) to hear your opinions. Now go back to the other forums and post something worthy of reading.
Pedorro wrote:Hey hey! I'll help you collect Mellican fries CC. Unlike a fucking foootball grid, this I understand. No algorithms here. Top overall wins!
Extra bragging rights Mano a Mano against our friends.
Just tell me how many fries the Mellicans owe me at the end.
In the unlikely event that I am AGAIN to tie fries, I will follow Peetso's lead and tie some Puglisi red and white peanut butters pike size!
Oh and fuck the PM and his conservitard brethren.
fk'n you were good for this...algorithms are for insurance wanks anyway (fuck them and the PM)...

Guys!! do we need a third from the country with no name??
Supposin i could use a new one of these flies...
Colours of the Dominion as well...
lost me one and only via overhanging tree by way of D-nymph's raft. he can attest to my tears of sadness.

Well if you're trying for volume - this aint the forum to do it in. Most dudes don't come down here.

Right now looks like D-Nymph has his hands full of you guys. I would't keep betting either.
You need to take this upstairs where the crowds of Loyalists are.

Perhaps set the rules so that only 5 or 10 or whatever...guys of each country can participate - 5 flies each then nobody gets hurt. There has to be one for one each side. Just a thought
RaZ wrote:
also for the dudes, hockey. its all aboot hot 'tending.
This is true, however you also need to score to win. I'm not sure Finland can score with Canada, US, Russia, Sweden & Slovakia. Saku & Mikko Koivu are both out for Finland, so is Valteri Filpula. Ordinarily, I'd think they always have a shot at a medal, but they are just missing too many key forwards this time.

While Rask/Niemi/Lehtonen is excellent, are they that much better than the others? Price/Luongo? Quick/Miller? Lundqvist? Jonas Hiller? Jaro Halak? Bobrovsky? I don't think anyone can say that they are heads & shoulders above any of those guys, but rather equal to them. Who is to say it's not Hiller who ends up hot? Or Quick?
that's where i think russia has the better blend of goaltending and scoring. though their D is lacking..
price is unproven in the international stage (as is quick)

i think varlamov is the russian tendy going into tomorrow.
lundquist is good, but no D. karlsson will be too busy acting like letant. and they're hurting without the other sedin.

hiller has NOOOO help. he can be hot as hell, and lose every game 1-0.

time will tell eh?
Yea, I don't see how Russia can hang with the US & Canada with that KHL D.

Slovakia should be a dark horse here.

And yea, should be fun. Too bad this stupid work thing is going to prevent watching a good many games.
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