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By pbrstreetgang
Remember that guy who was once a decent fly tyer and liked to frolic in flowers, and then take pictures of his flies in flowers? Yeah, Agguire.

Looks like he has taken RFA's MS Paint skills to the streets of Atlanta, and forsaken the fine arts of fly tying and posting on teh Suk ... ockalypse/

poor Aggers..driven to "street art"
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Article mentions it also being called
"Dong Jam 2014"
I should have had that go out on my wedding invites....if I had invites, and if my wedding was in 2014.
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By MaineDrifter
I talked to him a week ago and he was headed overseas and the son of a gun never shipped my flies before he left.....
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By pbrstreetgang
He has probably been kidnapped into the Russian human trafficking network.

They'll make him a proper little Dutch boy...
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where the hell are you AGGERS? hope you are well wherever you may be.
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By Aguirre
This is funny. I missed this completely.
And with all the time I've wasted here in the last few days.
PBS, bravo on the inter-mining.

faggots made a post about me :coffee

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