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By Hogleg
austrotard wrote:benson sleeps with his neck over mine all night long and I like it.
so fuck youse guys.

benson may have a slight case of the mincing, mind.

(it's so nice. 'specially in austrian winter.)
Sounds like you'd be better suited with a cat.
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By Bruiser
Bentley Fishing Vehicle:

I'm hoping that thing rolls into the crick as soon as he gets his fat ass off of it.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
[quote="Bruiser"]Bentley Fishing Vehicle:


I'm hoping that thing rolls into the crick as soon as he gets his fat ass off of it.[/quote]

This is about right.

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By austrotard
I took another man out for dinner last night.

and today I really fancy a bubble bath. with like radox or some shit.
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By austrotard


put a collar around that and the car will pop it off for you.

yeah... I'm from east london.
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By austrotard
just bought all the ingredients and made rice crispy squares because I fancied one.

I'm not always high but when I am I make an awful fucking mess, hey.
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austrotard wrote: I'm not always high …..
Are you sure?
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By yard4sale
You are sposed to put the pots IN the rice crispy treat...

And you call yourself a deadhead.
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