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I've got a cool winter project I brought with me to Cali...


Mine is a 1949 vintage...originally served as a guide boat in Nova Scotia then eventually ended up in a barn in Da UP before I got ahold of it. I used it for a season up on the Bois Brule for trout fishing and deer hunting while I was living at Winneboujou Club.

It's been stored outside upside down(thankfully) since about 2009. I got it back from ex#2 about two weeks ago! I'm excited to give her another life and will start utilizing her services again as my 'off-day' personal fishing boat in 2015 when I return to Musky Country.

Presently, she needs a bunch of rehab! New gunwales, new keel, new oar locks and some new skin...but the interior is in great shape! The original cane seats were replaced with solid wood. I think I'll go back to cane!

Sorry, lack of photos until I get her over to my buddies place this weekend! My friends Wanye has a great shop. I'll keep updating the progress as it happens.

Any of you Fellows ever tackle a wood boat project?

I'm all ears...

Shit, for $124 plus shipping I'd just buy a new one if I were you.
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By Adams
So THAT'S what was on the roof rack in the photos with Bruiser. nteresting bote - looks like she's been rode hard and put up wet. Good luck making her purty.
have it RTg in time for the Delta Bake we can christen that bitch
Spicytuna wrote:have it RTg in time for the Delta Bake we can christen that bitch
Might could be Tuna

I found a good source for duck canvass today and other necessary stuff.

It sounds like it will take a shitton of work to do it properly. That's cool...good news is these boats are originally built to be repaired time and again. Should be an interesting process...

It's twenty below - I'm told, back home in monkey country...good move to head west for a spell. It's been a good start to this project. Got her all stripped down. Great bones!

Now some heavy prep and then fabrication of replacement parts like the keel, outer gunwales, stem and a few other pieces...gotta order a new canvass too. She'll be a killer piece in a month!


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When I redid my Old Town HW, I left a cracked rib for posterity, but replaced planking and spliced stems and tips on the gunnels. I'm a cob carpenter at best theses days, and it was all doable. The Classic Canoe Message Board is a wealth of information and sources.

My girl, the LolaB, is 1934 vintage. With a face life (new canvas) in the spring, she'll be sweet as ever.

If you can keep her undercover, it will be best- but out in the climate, not inside a heated building where the wood will dry out. NEVER leave her out in the rain right side up. OK for a day on the water, but tip her out before the wood soaks up and swells.

Great project. Looking forward to the finish.

It's been super nice out here in Rancho Cambodia. Perfect weather for working outside on a wooden bote project and also fixing up the FJ62 too! The musky dog supervises daily. She's fond of sun-warm concrete;)

I've got pictures of the entire tare down. Pretty cool deconstructing something like this! I found a few gems along the way - discovered the original hull number under a shitton of old varnish, also got some cool pencil markings off the inside of the original canvass.

I've decided to really go over her with a fine tooth comb. So I spent the last couple weeks stripping the interior down to the bare bones...keeping the great patina but removing coats and coats of past varnish...and a half century of hull gunk! All hand work...and once the grundle_butter was gone - wow!


As you can see - I removed the original transome. It was oak and it was starting to fail. So I'm going to build a new one out of a pimp piece of mahogany I just found at a local hardwood supplier(got lost for hours in their warehouse!! Next week I'm headed back to buy some 16' red oak for the outwales :cheer). I 'll be getting the new canvass in the next day or some brass tacks, and the canvass filler - so that will be cool!

Quite the process. All hand tools thus far - but my buddy Wayne has a cool shop that we'll fabricate the transome and some other replacement parts out of. I'm also going to go back to the original cane seats(the old cane was removed and solid oak was substituted - yuck!)...


She's buttery and soft and I'm starting to hear the hum...and can already anticipate being on the water again!

:cool :cool
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By Adams
Cool project - can't wait to see how she progresses.
whatcha tying?


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