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Progress report...

She's getting back into ship shape!


What a cool project. Bringing this beauty back from the near-dead is very rewarding. Cali has been offering up excellent weather for this kind of endeavor. My bro Wayne is an ace wood worker with all the great equipment and tools. Together we've made this old lady happy...

I maintained the original pieces where I was able. The interior is full on patina which I painstakingly worked on for a couple of weeks. She smells as good as she looks!

Several decades of gunk and old varnish had to be removed and slowly the history of the boat revealed itself! And now with the wonders of Boild Linseed Oil this craft has a museum like quality about her. I've been envisioning myself and PSue floating down a summer musky river in Wisco swinging a Muddler of course into all the fishy looking sectors...

Prolly in the market now for an old school ice chest. No Yeti shit here!! Something like a metal Hamms cooler;)

And this boat will be all about grass and glass!! Vintage sticks and Pfluger Medalists sing the siren song.

The mahogany is pimp! I'm a long time fan...the old parts we've replaced were mainly spruce or ash. The transome was white oak.

I'm excited to be getting her back into form. This boat is 14'3" and weighs in at under 80#'s so I can lift her overhead like a canoe.

Gonna take me places my other boats can't!!

I'll be road tripping back to Wisco this week. Had my boat barn insulated and got a heater installed when I was away! So when I get back to the Flambeau I'll be doing the canvass work and then painting her - should be ready for the water by the May Opener...

I've got progress pictures all along the way. When I wrap her up I'll do a photo dump.

Cheers Amigos - Think Spring!!

I have two vintage glass sticks I'll donate to the cause.
One was my grandfathers and he lost an eye to her.

Yours for the taking as long as they get fished with.
AftonAngler wrote:
southernstrain wrote:This would probably look mighty fine on her...



Dude - you need to come to Wisco with that sick stick! Veddy veddy noice fly pole :cheer

Envy I do!

I'll see if I can't find a way to ship her up after she lands a poon
I absolutely love this shit. Thank you for the update and the glass fellas!
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