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By austrotard
it pleases me immensely that there are still no fucking fish there.

drake camp:

slss: I tell you, she's a peach.

rick has never met a woman he didn't admire.
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By fly-chucker
so, how was the movie? :smile
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fly-chucker wrote:so, how was the movie? :smile
Star Wars. Meh. The best of the bunch, but for me, that's a low bar.
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yard4sale wrote: Elates, the top 2 layers, cheese and meat, still taste just as good.
You didn't notice it slowing me down at all. I like a crispy crust.
austrotard wrote:
rick has never met a woman he didn't admire.
Not quite, but close.
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[report]Randall's gain, my gain. I have two daughters I don't see near enough, and I would ditch out on any fishing to hang with them.

With a granddaughter on Long Island, and a two more little ones on the way, people say, I can't believe you moved all the way across the country. Truth is we weren't seeing them anymore in the east than we are now. Careers and opportunities don't guarantee families being together, so with our daughters' encouragement, we headed back to the place I love.

But moving seems to take forever. Sorting, packing and loading, hauling twice cross country, just to unpack, re-sort, and try to figure out how on earth you accumulated all this shit, let alone what you're going to do with it.

I was hitting a hard funk. Really didn't have a good share of my fishing gear together at all. But Yard threw me a life line without even knowing it.

This is why I wanted to come home. The land and the rivers.
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Last I fished, it was casting a 55' head with a 16 ft leader. Yesterday was an ugly, graceless, flailing transition to the the 20 ft'er with a 10 ft tip.

Yard made the transition better than I did. Sort of.

But that's what makes it interesting.
IX_12_2015.jpg (56.32 KiB) Viewed 2769 times
We saw a couple gear guys land two fish. And for all I know they got 10 more.

If I needed fish, I'd fish some other way. I like this way.
waterfall_12_2015.jpg (164.89 KiB) Viewed 2769 times
Warmish, moody weather. Spectacular river. Good company, and he fed me well.

Exactly why I wanted to come back here.

Lunch is on me next time, Yard. :cool[/report]
Nicely done boys.

I miss fishing with SLSS.

They say "When walking, just walk. When sitting, just sit. Above all, don't wobble."

Rick, at his best, doesn't wobble.
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By Tailer
peetso wrote:
All the good banter is hidden and squirreled away in a billion topics about god knows what, scattered in threads and boards all over the place. Which makes it hard to keep up on it all unless you've got the time too sift through it all.
Leave it to Peetso to eloquently sum up 11 pages worth of bullshit on the second page. Jesus Christ. :cheer
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