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D-nymph wrote:
VTNZ wrote:I just think the sport, passion, hobby, whatverthefuckyouzecallit....has jumped the shark. A TR a few years back of some cool place I'd never been to along with some truly witty and twisted banter was what drew me here.

But now not only is no place secret or low key, the social media webs and the fuckall attention span means I feel like I've seen it all before. Trout-done and done again, very,very few places a TR would perk my interest as something fresh, let's say. Steel? Fucking overkill, literally and figuratively. Salt? All the guys with attitudes and salt stuff are mostly gone (hold on, let me check, watch this [hands around mouth, yelling at the top of my voice: WOLVES!!!! there? Hello? tap,tap..])....nothing like a Vitamin D/sunlight deficiency in seppovian winter and some salty attitude banter. Alaska? Salmon eating crayola crayons and rainbows with cleft palates...Bass? Pretty flies,but they'll eat a wine cork with a hook in it fyi...

And the only things left are the priciest, privatized places: Atlantic water, Iceland, or say, Kamchatka. And even now, there are look at me fishing video TR's all over the place....chasing the dream broheem...trustfund stylie.

Did I mention that this place is also become mostly a my rod is longer than yours swingy fishing site? But hey, buy a Reddington "Chromer"

The game has changed with social media overload...."if" I find a place left on earth truly cool to fish and fucking way I'd post it here or anywhere....we're overcooked.

Remove the Overeaters Anonymous bake from the front page and the place would have boards on the windows.

Solution? Go fishing...with no camera or phone, and just bloody well enjoy it. Sorry teh suk....
So, this place, for you, is & has been only about the TRs. Interesting.

Heaven forbid, I like(d) seeing pics of folks fishing around the world.....on a fishing site.

Literacy is a bitch, but I wrote above I also like the banter, especially from the salt guys and their sweet surliness,etc.

But no,I come here to aspire to join an adult Frat, watch yanks fawn over a very witty Austrian while all amazingly start talking/writing like said Austrian, check in to see how WB25 and Notre Dame are doing in the Football thread on a fishing site, pour sips for somebodies neighbor 5 doors down, and look at the now formulaic can of micro-brew with a 2 handed rod.....on a 45 ft wide trout stream. Oh, and read So-So Joe's writing; which I do enjoy.
And clearly, I'm not alone....I mean look at all the activity upstairs. :coffee

The rest....well, Peetso covered it spot on.....
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By D-nymph
You're a pro at talking down to people but, Essentially: needs more fish pics but still pretty cool. /dwayne
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Ah yes, and here comes the "irony of this circle jerk"- Bellyup....of this place....

...."I"talk down to folks (See Peetso's reference to the soft touchy Drake)....while you site some dude that the Frat all likes to....drum roll down to. Cuz it's soo easy to do to him. Awesome... :cheer
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By fallen513
Nobody gives a fuck what you think NZ. Go back downstairs.
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By yard4sale
To be fair this thread is prison rules.
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By fatman
D-nymph wrote:So, this place, for you, is & has been only about the TRs. Interesting.
Y'know initially this was it. And the fact that forum members called bullshit on each other.

And even the wonky fukkin intro.

Since then, it's a whole lot more. Without being ghey, some of my best friends on this planet I've met
as a result of The Drake Forum. And now it's a way to stay in contact with guys that are halfway across
the country (or globe)

To be honest, most of the time I feel like a social misfit. Most of my jokes bring blank stares. And intelligent
conversation is getting harder to come by. I'm not much of a "joiner"; I was at one time, but found out that the
douchebag ratio tends to be fairly high in those settings. What works here is that there's never a leader, and
everyone is expected to pull their weight....whether that means bringing fried chicken for the boat, posting up
pics from your last trip, or picking up some guy you've never met at the airport.

I've been through what Yard and some of you other young Dad's are going through with the kids, jobs, homes.
Hell, I've fished and hunted more in the last five years than I did in the previous 18. and a lot of it has been because
of the people I've met as a result of the Drake.

So, yeah, take the time to post up some pics. Be like the Peetso, take a lesson from Reverend Maclean (Again, half
as long). Keep your videos short (and please Dog, pick some better music) And pm jhnnythndr, Make it Matter Fuckos
D-nymph wrote:You're a pro at talking down to people but, Essentially: needs more fish pics but still pretty cool. /dwayne
I dont get it, either.

"Needs more fish pictures".

"Too many fish pictures, people might know where I/you/we/they fished".

"Nothing is exciting or special because I know (via social media, no less) that someone went there before me".

"Waaah, waaah, waaaaaah".
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By fatman
austrotard wrote:do you like it here?
is it really too much to load those pictures to the server? really?

has it become drakian to basically twitter a tr now?

if you're so smart, smarten the fuck up.
Laziness. Pure fuckin Laziness. Rather watch a video than read a book.

There was a movement a while back to do away with the Intro.
Problem with that, then everyone who comes on board does so with their fucking
hand out.

At least the INTRO requires someone to put a little effort into the process.
If you're allowed in without paying the cover charge, you're likely to sneak
your own booze in to listen to the band.
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By root wad
Fatman hit the nail on the head. It's the quality of the people. It's not the photos, as spectacular as some are, nor the eloquence in the TR's, but what they reveal about the guy who puts in the effort to post and do so in a creative thoughtful manner, the glimpse behind the curtain that makes you think "now there is someone with whom I would gladly share a boat or a run." And you put it together and it is even better than you thought. One guy starts bawling after catching his first steelhead and the second gets shitfaced and misses his flight. It just doesn't get any better than that. My guess is many here just don't fit in on other boards nor care to and have been booted from their fair share simply for being honest. Gotta thank Nemo for the place to hang and the folks I've met who do in fact choose "to make it matter."
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