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By ironman
(to Sakonnet)

You ate the only lobster with speed in it - AJ
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By ironman
I smell like freshly baked muffins and victory - AJ
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By fly-chucker
At local only breakfast joint

FredA - "I'll take two eggs scrambled, bacon, and white toast.

Waitress - rolls eyes and mouths "fuck you"

fly-chucker - "She must not have liked your order"

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By austrotard
"here's your coffee, 'nigel'." says a drakian to the black fella.

only in 'straya, hey.

disclaimer: yeah. they're mates.
disclaimer part deux: and no, it wasn't me.
and three: funnily enough there was no fucking kneeling afterwards. only high-five success.

I guess that makes us special.
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By fly-chucker
"as long as I can see Tranny's nipples, we'll be OK"
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By fly-chucker
"it tickles"
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By Redchaser
Everybody “farther farther you’re 3 feet short”
Ruddy Duck “that’s the problem with tenkara”

Ruddy Duck “Where’s the mullet juice?”
cliff: yeah... the job was in padbury.
mtice: I don't even know where padbury is. hey, do you remember when those fellas spray-painted the iga up there? they changed the sign to padbury niggas.
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rampant: whoa! just a fucking minute! I find that very disrespectful. I mean for fuck's sake... we've got one right here sat at the table!

silence and then balltearing laughter.

mtice: wait. cliff isn't from padbury...

and then again.

we're a touchy bunch down here, hey.
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By fatman
"did you cream?"
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