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By Average Joe
mitch aka 2 fish wrote: Sat Oct 05, 2019 7:33 pm pre-camp

we leave in half an hour, return on wednesday.
three nights, four days.

"should I bring eight or twelve bottles of wine?"
-m. bishop
Without knowing what kind of wine it is one cannot properly answer the question, but my response would have been, "Bring two bottles of whiskey and leave the wine at home."
'well since mitch can't catch fish we might as well get him some beer... did you bring your wallet?'

"this is rubbish. he's not even singing... he's talking like an old man."
'well I like it... I really like it.'
"he's singing like he wants to die."
'well he is dead. he died two years ago.'
"oh. well that's great then." I said, beaming.

'and can I see your fishing licence?'
"I'm from canada."
'well you still need one. sooo... you probably should buy one.' said the fisheries officer.
"okay." said aussie mike.
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By fatman
"Led Zepellin? you like fast Led Zepellin or slow Led Zepellin?"
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By LA Fly Guy
fatman wrote: Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:21 pm "Led Zepellin? you like fast Led Zepellin or slow Led Zepellin?"
How did I miss this? I must have been dancing......
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By -G-
After 30+ minute silence and no conversation, on some random bend in the middle of National Forest:

Steamin- “long story short, dong on tiddies”

First human we’ve seen in 2 days who happens to appear right on that bend- **very disturbed smirk**

Steamin, and G- **Even more disturbed and awkward smirks**

Steamin next bend- “he musta thought I just got done telling the wildest sex story in history”


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By -G-
Steamin- “that warm black velvet is horrible”

10minit later, status-post Marlboro steamin - “gimme”
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