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By fly-chucker
FredA: "What the fuck is that?"

chucker: "It's a musky. Act like you've been here before."
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By fly-chucker
Me: "Nice water haul. Isn't that like tenkara for musky?" :wink

FredA: "Fuck you. Dick. :gun
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By flashback
Will be on the creek tomorrow, good rain yesterday and last night. Stream flow high on several smaller creeks with water flow climbing at a very good rate and steelhead staging in the lake. A favorite place is now open and with limited access it should be just great. Though the rain should continue and the air will be colder, My thoughts are with washing my hands often and keeping social distance.
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By flashback
Now it’s past time that we would be doing the WNY time, it’s sad that it couldn’t happen this year. Fish are in the creeks now, the water is kind of low, but fish have been catchable. Times I’ve been out there hasn’t been trouble with social distancing.
The water has been cold at times, last time out I was in a shallow area on algae covered shale it was very slippery and
I managed to do a backslide and ended up having to squirm around to get back up, mostly drenched very cold, it was a long hike up to get to the car, a fun ride home with the heater blasting. Potential disaster, good thing was only a few sore muscles and aches. 2020 continues to be a challenge. Really hope to see the usuals next year, all indications are that with fishing pressure down there could be more natural reproduction and maybe more wild fish next year, at least we hope.
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By flashback
Now Erie County is in yellow zone, things are closing down, probably going into full lockdown since our stats for the virus look bad, even though basically now the people going in for testing are showing symptoms.

We’re in the middle of a shitstorm holding up a leaky umbrella.

Hoping to get out to steel heading tomorrow.
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By Redchaser
Fatman (as lurker Mike is choking on some food) "you think it's funny now, but wait till he turns blue....then it will be fucking hilarious".
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By LA Fly Guy
Redchaser: Mike, you storing that food in your hamster pouch in your throat?
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By Redchaser
Me: "You can't get many boats in there, Brett's Asshole is a tight little spot"
Also Me: "I was poling Brett's Asshole"
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By fatman
RuddyDuck: "I haven't experienced this much rejection since high school"
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By Fishwater
A couple of the ladies (term used very loosely) from the bachelorette party two camps down: “They shut us down before we even made it up the stairs!”
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