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By austrotard
yeah. that and you don't understand the offside rule.

go watch some colonial brothers knee the lawn, mate.
fucking 'merka.

320 million. yet can't find 11 good enough to kick a fucking round ball.
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By fishskibum
not sures about the goods enuffs
and i can only speak for at least a few
we dont euro nymph
and if we did
we would use our footsies
By chadroc

i fucking love soccer. am not anywhere near middle mgmt. do admittedly euro nymph. am pulling decidedly for ronaldo to win the world cup. just him. no squad. just him on the pitch. his hair.......perfect.

MOU don't seem one to dislike a man bun, per se. but i do believe he will have interest in scott sterling at the transfer window.

but sterling, a multi sport menage type moutherfulcker also plays volleyball. those delightful eli's of new haven-town. go go yale.

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By austrotard
that shitbag's neck should be 4" longer.

engerland are not going to win any world cups.

according to 'her indoors' mr. fucking portugal can do no wrong. fuu-uu-uu-uuck that guy; he left united for real food and people pleasant to the eye.

re: seppo goalkeeper...

you need ten more. maybe place him where you intend to build a wall.
By chadroc
you could win a war vs any army with ten scott sterlings.
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By austrotard
austria needs to beat peru.
france needs to fuck the danes.

that's all you needs to know, fuckos.
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