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By BigCliff
LTD wrote:This country would have been better served had Obama and McC worked out their differences in private today with the general keeping his command after a good tongue lashing from the pres and an apology. After that they should have appeared on the balcony of the oval office, toasting Bud Light Lime to the cameras after a group hug.
This country is in desperate need of people willing to work together to get us back on track. There is too much shit going on right now. Watching the CIC and his generals bickering and posturing for political victories while the American people are being beaten down economically is fucking sad. All while our troops remain in harms way. :bomb

This guy just continues to tear down the very foundation that's meant to support this great nation. :vomit
Obama's not the one that shit the bed here bud. Even Bill Kristol and Sen's McCain, Graham, and Lieberman agree with Obama on this- ... fghanistan

I'm sure that you'd have viewed it differently if it was Wes Clark under W pulling such shenanigans.
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Mattb wrote:
LTD wrote:This country would have been better served had Obama and McC worked out their differences in private today with the general keeping his command after a good tongue lashing from the pres and an apology. but instead McChrystal decided to air his dirty laundry in public and left Obama no choice but to fire him
There, fixed that for you.
He still had a choice IMO......but I don't have any interest/time to debate that one. I do agree with you that McC should have gone to Obama again with any issues he had...but we will never really know/understand if that was a viable option considering their prior history and Obama's arrogant attitude towards those that don't share his views or challenge his visions. :cool
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I am sure it will be an interesting read down the road.
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and the taliban rejoice..... :coffee
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By The Volfish
Did anyone doubt the outcome? Zero doesn't tolerate differences of opinion well. Period.
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comander zero better pull his head out of his ass and quick :coffee
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By ditchdoc
Everyone has an opinion about the President and what he thinks or feels and how he acts. Try reading Jonathan Alter's new book about him. You might see things a little differently.
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By m.b.
yeah, i bet that would happen.

i'm not sure why, but for some reason i don't think anyone could write a book that would convince me a guy with no experience (or wisdom) is the guy that needs to be sitting in the most powerful position on earth.
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By BigCliff
Great analysis from a guy who's really damn sharp on such matters, and who also happened to be the author of the article that got Fallon canned-
10 Things to Know About the Petraeus-McChrystal Switch
June 23, 2010 at 4:38PM by Thomas P.M. Barnett

Well, well, well — where have we seen this before? The indiscreet U.S. commander whose tongue digs his own grave. The stunning resignation submitted within hours of the magazine's online posting of the story. And General David Petraeus — yet again — as the go-to choice as America's turnaround specialist. Amidst all the nonstop chatter from pundits, politicians, and former ambassadors, allow me to distance myself from the familiar situation I was in with Admiral William Fallon and sift through the tea leaves to look ahead at Petraeus's new gig. Because there are magazine stories, and then there is war. And because — who knows? — Afghanistan may be a lot better off, and Obama may have picked his replacement in more ways than one.
1. There won't be a policy shift.
Unlike the Fallon saga, this time it was the president who spoke on camera and the general who was restricted to a press statement. That's because this time the Pentagon-White House flap was an issue of perception (Obama: "undermining civilian authority") — not any fundamental differences on how to fight the war at hand.
2. But the Pentagon now holds the keys to the castle.
Obama may have put his foot down, but he's making a serious gamble in anointing Petraeus, much like Bush did after Fallon's resignation. The president needed to make McChrystal's sacking seem like an upgrade in gravitas, which it is when the upgrade is to the boss of Central Command. Just don't forget that Petraeus is the only general capable of making Afghanistan his war, and not Obama's.
3. Petraeus is truly untouchable.
Understand this, too: Whatever the general wants, the general will get. After firing his Afghanistan commander twice in just thirteen months, Obama has no choice. Petraeus now outranks every administration player on Afghanistan. Save Obama — officially, at least.
4. Friends of Dave just became a lot more important.
Frankly, the new sheriff's strong personal relationships with the Pakistani military and security forces will matter a helluva lot more than which of McChrystal's lieutenants he keeps on or gets rid of. Hamid Karzai made his bid to keep McChrystal onboard, and was clearly ignored — as he should be — so now Obama's Af-Pak strategy will place the most eggs in Islamabad's basket.
5. The administration's review of Af-Pak begins now.
Originally scheduled for public release in December, any White House-led effort at a war report will inevitably take its cues from General Petraeus's own review of the situation as he assumes command in the coming weeks and months. Expect to hear the general outline at Petraeus's confirmation hearing next week, along with previews of the GOP's national-security campaign slogans for November.
6. Obama's 2012 campaign could be all about war.
If Petraeus says the strategy needs more time, then Obama's running for re-election as a wartime president. Period. There's just no way that Obama can overrule Petraeus on this one without wounding himself politically. McChrystal had been signaling that Obama's summer 2011 deadline to begin withdrawing combat troops was too optimistic. Expect Petraeus to press that case — however subtly — from day one.
7. Two jobs? One job? Same thing.
No matter what anyone says in the confirmation hearings, it won't matter if Petraeus steps down from CENTCOM or becomes The General with Two Hats. Nobody who would step in at CENTCOM could overshadow Petraeus, so that kind of a choice is unimportant in many respects. But given the general's recent health issues, it's hard to believe a replacement won't be picked. I'm betting on General James Mattis, whom I profiled in detail a couple years ago.
8. The counterinsurgency lives on.
"King David" has no peers when it comes to counterinsurgency credentials, having overseen the creation of the Army-Marine Corps's seminal field manual and commanded its first successful application in Iraq. If anything, Obama has now doubled-down on the COIN path in Af-Pak, so the COINdistas haven't taken any sort of hit.
9. The "Draft Dave" presidential run could live on, too.
Can Petraeus pull off his second COIN miracle? If he does, and if it's perceived as such prior to the GOP convention in the summer of 2012, then I guarantee you there will be a groundswell of delegate support to make him the Republican candidate — assuming he gets out of uniform in time.
10. There is one big winner from this hoopla.
And her name is Elena Kagan, whose confirmation hearings also happen to begin next week.

Read more: ... z0rjuiC0xX
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ditchdoc wrote:Everyone has an opinion about the President and what he thinks or feels and how he acts. Try reading Jonathan Alter's new book about him. You might see things a little differently.
maybe i could have given him more of a break, the military has become over the years an entity of its own, its the green machine, and there is a great disdain amongst the group as a whole for working for people who have never served anyone but hamburgers at a cookout. Even when i was on AD , there were some people in command that diddnt know shit and it was apparant. MC had his own way of doing things , unfortunatley the word got out. however he had a group for people involved under/with his strategy and maybe they can still pull this thing off. I cannot wait to see the congressonal report entitled Warlord Inc. to be introduced to congress today :coffee
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By m.b.
anyone know if McC had any issues with the last guy or with his administration/policies?

funny how back then the left called him Gen. Betrayus, but now that obama's in he's the man. ironic.
By upstanding
What about the Chinese and the mineral extraction...we pull out... turn the Country over to the Chinese to strip the mountains to plains, no sanctuary then, for copper et al and given their safety records in mineral extraction they will kill a substantial number of Afgans in the process and acceptable collateral damage. With new found wealth for the Afgans, we can agent orange the poppies money no semtex.

Both US but more so International commentary about Afgan mineral deposits( and who is going to mine it) has raised its profile within the last 30 days...
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