Dont burn the fucking forests down!!!!

Ill be up on Swan Lake blummers if youre around. Bigfork for the shitshow on saturday.

No trip report to follow.






Wooooohoooo!!!!! Now hold my beer and watch this shit!!

Backatcha. Here's a little something in honor of one of the men who gave us our independence.

Dead: consider that recipe purloined...
Canook: laphed @that shit...

Happy 4th Dad...wherever you are (mountain among men...RIP)
Was his birthday...he always took a silent delight in his own 4th of July celebration of freedom...some who gripe and moan about "rights" and "freedoms" have much to learn. Having nothing to eat but tulip bulbs during the years of occupation he was apt to tip his hat to you lot...fucking bloody well remember the "earn it" dictum in Private Ryan.

Wishing you the best of what this North America can grant you brothers.

no shots fired. lots of good food and drink. super hot.
only one pike died for our tummies.
one transformer blew up though. literally. guess it didnt get the memo about no fireworks west of the divide.
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