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#607517 in singular?

The debate consisted of folks living in the middle ages....


more war...

more war on planned parenthood....

and according to one of the clowns, "my wittle bruver kept us safe..."

Softball lobbed....and Krusty the Trump hit baby bush out of the park.

I've heard that the Clintons were at Trumps last wedding? Any truth to that? Cuz it kinda makes sense...
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By Plow
Thank the clown currently living in the WH for the shit storm in the middle east. ISIS is the middle ages and Obama made that happen.

Watch a few planned parent hood videos and if you're not outraged then you got the moral compass ISIS is looking for.
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Well, obviously Plow had front row seats...and got to write the questions.

What a bubble to live in....

....Isis, if anything, like Al-Queda,etc. was and is funded by the know, close family friends of the last prez of yer party and friends with Jeb...and the vaccum was created by actually going to war with Iraq.

This is the part of the game show where Plow says we pulled out too early and that too was Obamas fault; except the damn facts get in the way; W signed off on the troop withdrawal timeframe...Obama honored it. So which is it? More war, which your party clearly wants, but the rest of the US does not, or breaking the deal your R president set out? Imagine the months of senate investigations if the muslim prez did that! FYI, Saudi just bought a shit ton of our overpriced look the other way on 19 of the 9/11 guys coming and being funded by us, and we'll make the deal happen! If we pulled out of Iraq and Afghan and there was no ISIS created by the Saudis and supported by the MIC, just what would the R candidates ever talk about? Income equality? Racism? New Tax Code? TPP? Infrastructure? Yeeeaaaa.....riiiiiight.

Your clinical deflection and complete hard on for re-writing history knows no bounds....and we see that as the R clowns capitulate to folks like yourself evidently in the primaries, which as usual and predicted by your own parties "soulsearching" after the 2nd national defeat, simply will not win a general election.

Oh man, those planned parenthood videos were so edited and hacked, a high school kid taking AV class could have seen through that one....but the R fundamentalists? Pure dog whistle goodness. You support bombing unborn kids, but they ain't ''Merican so to hell with them....

So who is it gonna be Plow? The bidness woman (no, R's don't elect women to boss around ole white guys) who killed over 25,000 jobs and then some? The neurosurgeon who has no clue about jack shit (an MD not willing to debunk the vaccine shit is telling) and is the wrong color for your neighbors? A reality TV show host, who makes his ties in China while bashing foreigners? Or any of the other tea-jihadis who have run before and gotten like, 1% of the vote? Enlighten us...

Lol...or are you pining for Romney like last time? Shit, Romney seems moderate at this point in the game.

I'll give you credit for one thing though; I've never heard you distance yourself from your true political affiliation by feigning that "I'm not an R, I'm like a Libertarian or some such situational banter...", when the truth hurts. That chestnut has gotten real old, so you got that going for you.... :coffee
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By BigCliff
Honest question, have we ever had a president with no experience of any sort governing, serving as an elected representative or in the military?

Neurosurgery is super impressive, but I'm not sure there's a ton of overlap with the competencies required of POTUS.
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By Bobwhite
BigCliff wrote:Honest question, have we ever had a president with no experience of any sort governing, serving as an elected representative or in the military?

Neurosurgery is super impressive, but I'm not sure there's a ton of overlap with the competencies required of POTUS.
Cliff, I get where you're coming from, and have had similar thoughts/questions. I guess it comes down to your definition of 'governance'.

Here's what I get when I look it up...

"Establishment of policies, and continuous monitoring of their proper implementation, by the members of the governing body of an organization. It includes the mechanisms required to balance the powers of the members (with the associated accountability), and their primary duty of enhancing the prosperity and viability of the organization."

It seems to me that anyone functioning at the level that Carson has in the medical profession has managed his share of the above.

It's certainly a necessary and good question.

personally... I'm satisfied.
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By BigCliff
Turns out he's a Seventh Day Adventist, which is viewed by Southern Baptists as "sub christian"
"Southern Baptists have classified Seventh-Day Adventists not as a church but as a sect. We have stopped short of anathematizing them, but we have identified aspects of their beliefs that are sub-Christian and harmful." ... liticking/
Carson was later uninvited- ... conference

I don't see how a GOP candidate could win the primary, much less the general without the Baptist vote.

You'd think they'd have learned a similar lesson in 2012...

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Add that to the fact,that despite conservatives espousing the hard adherence to the constitution, it seems ole mister soft spoken ain't so sure....

....he picks and chooses which parts of it he likes just like the rest of them.

His quiet demeanor is 51% of the reason some folks gravitate towards him....cuz if you don't like foaming at the mouth, screaming, blowhards....a quiet unassuming guy who believes only christians can be president, believes we currently live "under the gestapo", lol, all while advocating for a "covert civilian group" to spy on others...well, no....he's just as much of a nutter.

But hey, because he's an MD, we assume his ability to work in one specific field can carry over to real life governance; but thats never the case. All book smarts, no common sense....fairly typical in the industry really.

Example: when asked on how he'd deal with Isis, he confidently proclaimed: "I would order our military to go in and destroy them..."

WOW! Why haven't we thought of that before? I mean shit, it worked so well in 15 years in Afghan, and we built off that "success" with invading Iraq....I'm sure Americans would just love to have a know it all DR just send their kids into a winless war as matter of factly as if he's was writing a prescription for ADHD... :bullshit

He's super nutty...just quiet nutty.
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By Bobwhite
Criticism is so easy. Pay your 10 cents and take three shots.

So... all the criticisms aside, VTNZ...

Who do you favor... and why?



Trump? (just joking)

Scott Walker (joking again)

Seriously, I'd appreciate your insight...
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Well, in all honesty Bob, things are pretty screwy and we as a society, along with some rulings from the Supreme Court, have really buggered things.

Citizens United has assisted in destroying true democracy of the people, for the people. Anyone who thinks the US is not an oligarchy is not paying attention or has vested interests in maintaining status quo. Super Pacs and the sheer amount of money corrupting the political system is beyond the pale...

Think about the R candidates for a second: everyone of them comes out and tows the line for the corporate overlords that pay for their campaigns and their talking points; the social banter like the faux planned parenthood video,etc. appeals to folks' emotions....and when emotions are concerned, rational thinking goes off the boil...

And then there are the D candidates. Only 3 of them really, maybe for 4 if Joe runs. Joe is a lifelong politician who is so entrenched in DC, that he's not going to rock the boat in his waning years. Omalley actually seems like a smart nice guy and actually articulates policy, which when compared to most of the R's who believe using the word articulate means yer an educated pretty cool. But like other D's, I suspect he is quite reactionary on D dog whistle issues like gun control,etc. (the R's planned parenthood if you will).

Hillary is not a true democrat, and quite honestly she's so centrist as to have no soul or passion or conviction behind the issues folks care about. Fwiw, I guided a wall street gazillionaire last season who joked he was the only D among say 10 buddies. He told me his work friends always give him shit, bit his reply is "I don't vote for social fundamentalists and retreads...and what else have you got?". He not only was a Hillary backer, but was actually hosting her at his house for a fundraiser! He'd met both Bill and Hill a few times before.

So to think Hillary isn't literally bought and paid for by the fine folks who brought you sub prime mortgages; mort. backed securities, $5 ATM fees, and buy out your made in America company and turn it into a Chinese or Mexican made piece of shit company (but hey with great profits...for me and few others!)....I know for a fact is not true. She is one of them....and you know what? So is Barry Obombs...totally bought and paid for or he would not be proposing TPP, for instance. A guaranteed loser for Americans.

That leaves us with Bernie. I know him growing up in VT, have met him, and he is in fact, e-x-a-c-t-l-y how you see him in public. He does not fuck around, he's passionate for the middle class, and as opposed to the D's and the R's....he has passion for the cause. Rural VT'ers are generally conservative; not southern moral/social conservatives....but they are for sure not libs (look at county by county voting in VT to see for yourself), except to maybe tea-jihadi type fundamentalists. It's astounding to me to see rural conservative multi-generation farmers in Vt with Bernie sings on their lawn every election cycle, but it happens all the time.

Thinks about it this way, you've got 3 choices; 2 of them Hillary and whichever clown gets nominated, likely Bush...well that proves my point about the US being an oligarchy run by plutocrats....2 families who have had their hand in the pie since 1980 or earlier (remember 1st bush was the brain for Raygun, like Cheney was W's brain.) Crazy to pick either if you want change right?

The 3rd choice is Bernie in essence. Sure, the corporate media has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo (war and strife make for great ratings, and with NBC owned by GE for instance, war and ratings are doubly good), and as such, will lambaste Bernie for being a "socialist",etc. Well, reality is many of our economic policies in the US ARE socialism policies. SS for starters...tell average americans you're taking that away. Farm subsidies = socialism. Subsidies of any sort are not free markets....there is no arguing that. Some right leaning folks hate tax redistribution concepts and blame the poors as leaches. Well, pick your poison, having some type of program for that women you (we) helped out a few winters ago who does not have a Drake crew to help her out....or giving millions in tax breaks to the agri-corp owning the corn field next door? An agri-corp that hires cheap foreign immigrants likely as well. I won't tell you what the right answer is, you see my point. That women and her family could "Milk" (in the eyes of the R's) social programs to the tune of 20k/year for 50 years. Thats one million. Now, think about that agri-corp down the road in Wisconsin/Minn. wherever....they get way more than 1million in breaks EACH year. And then some.

Both are a form of socialism. Plenty of other examples too in the US system. The NFL is a totally socialist business model! They pool revenue so teams in small markets get funding off the backs of the big markets...our "American Game" is socialist. My team, the Green Bay Packers are owned by the people, for the people. The heartland of America...a socialist team!

If you think Bernie is unelectable, or won't get anything done, all I can say is "as opposed to the shitstorm we have now?" Nothing gets done now, so go figure right? So yea, he gets elected, he's an extremely smart and pragmatic guy. VT has little gun regulation and Bernie is generally quite tolerant of guns, and personal rights, unlike D's and R's (D for guns, R for everything else), and lets face it:

Reagan raised taxes many times, and the tax rate for high earners was waaaay higher than it is now....and yet conservatives routinely wax poetic about the good ole days of Reagan. Really? Ok then, lets tax the venture capitalists, banks and 1/10 of 1%ers and get some middle class infrastructure jobs done in a country literally crumbling from within. Those are the kind of things Bernie would indeed do, and he's telling you that in the stump, and he's not going to change once in "power."

Now....can you honestly have faith in any of the others of doing the same, or even coming up with their own proposals for restoring the actual ability to live the American Dream? short answer: Bernie, cuz the world won't burn any quicker than it is already is if he's elected, and the alternatives are bidness as usual. Can't bitch and then vote for the bitches/bastards.... :cool
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By MTgrayling
So, I know more about this Carson guy and he's not crazy at all.
Not. At. All.

Let's stop badmouthing guano, ok.
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By MTgrayling

This was my first republican death match debate of the season. I'm stunned.

I can see what you mean about Carson. He is likable and perhaps the saneist one there, save Kasich.

I hope it wasn't as ugly on tv as it seemed on radio. Damn, that was just sad in so many ways.
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