Chris Christie is out for the R's. Trump is somehow still the leader of the pack.

For the D's, Bernie chalked up a pretty big win and appears to have real momentum.

None of this I would have predicted (well maybe that Christie wouldn't last, but I sure as hell wouldn't have said Trump and Bernie would be at the top)

We should bet on this or some shit. Like the SuperBowl flies except way more unpredictable.

For myself, I still see Clinton as a favorite in that primary because of her machine, but I could be wrong. I don't know what the hell I would predict in the R race.

It's like a cage match. Who gets tossed out next?
Should have waited a couple of hours before posting. Carly is gone now too.

Maybe I should change the title to "The Weeding Out has Begun"
And yet Hillary is going to walk out of NH with as many delgates as Bernie. Not that it matters, the whole slate of candidates sucks.
Redchaser wrote: the whole slate of candidates sucks.
from the other side of the rock I'd just like to say we're so fucking embarrassed for you... mcamerica, now live on faux.

in fact, we look at it the same way we'd look at a jrunk chick that's just shat herself.
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By Plow
Good riddance!

Bernie said it was rigged and by the delegate count he has the proof.

I'm liking the donald and cruz but would be happy to vote for anyone but hillary or bernie. Hillary has that server/secret problem and if there's an ounce of integrity left in the justice dept she going down. My guess is well see biden.

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