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By Upsetter

Hope for our nation of laws and the notion that justice can prevail.


Change the traitorous notion in beltway politicians' pea brains that they are above the law and can lord over us serfs without accountability.
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By Bobwhite
The neck is always the first to go...
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By Plow
Got to agree with SOBF but hope I'm proven wrong. And if she is indicted a presidential pardon won't be far behind. Wonder if it will effect the election?
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By BigCliff
Upsetter wrote:I dunno. But they're gonna look super dirty if they don't.

From the liberal salon rag for crying out loud ... se_dreams/
Salon has catered to the far left for a while, and now that means pandering to the Berners.

I think they've also realized that folks on the right will click and share anything that badmouths their sworn enemies, so there's that too.
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