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By befuddled
232 306 Trump 0.568773234 56.87732342
Hillary 0.431226766 43.12267658
difference 13.75464684%

20 30 Trump 0.6 60
Hillary 0.4 40
difference 20%

65,444,673 62,802,237 Trump 0.489697857 48.9697857
Hillary 0.510302143 51.0302143
128,246,910 difference -2.06042859%

Trumps victory margin in EC votes: 13.75%
Trumps victory margin in # of states: 20%
Trumps victory margins in popular votes: -2.06%

So the popular vote discrepancy looks huge in terms of numbers, but after you do a little math, the difference in the popular vote vs the the other two metrics are significantly different, in statistical terms.

I think everybody knows how I feel about Trump, but given the numbers (I've had a couple of beers, do your own calculations if mine look incorrect), is his "victory" really an argument for abolishing the EC?

Maybe. But I just don't think the numbers support it unless you are willing to say that those miners, ranchers, etc are less important or less capable of making an informed decision. Which I would argue against considering the populace choose Clinton as the opponent.

Two sides voting against their best interest, which the politards love, because then soundbytes can continue to take the day and people don't wake up to the fact that they MUST start looking at the states and who gets into Congress. But if you do these same numbers for the down-ticket, you'll find almost everybody, on both sides, voted straight ticket. Yet everybody is sick of DC?

Everybody who voted straight ticket and says they want change is either a damn liar or stupid.
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By Upsetter
ChaseChrome wrote:
ChaseChrome wrote:Electoral College was instituted to "protect" the "interests" of the slave-owning states...

That's all anyone really needs to know

Ferit or againit

everybody quietly looking down at their shoes...
so did you pick this horseshit up at the source? a revisionist wannabe law scholar who loves to read racism into everything this country is founded on? or did you pick it up from some second rate libtard website parroting amar's worthless analysis? he cherrypicks one comment from madison, mischaracterizes the hell out of it, and everyone is in a tizzy over a fourth rate argument based on a non sequitur. truth is, electoral college had nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with the danger represented by the idiots buying into this garbage.

This is why we have the electoral college:
In order to appreciate the reasons for the Electoral College, it is essential to understand its historical context and the problem that the Founding Fathers were trying to solve. They faced the difficult question of how to elect a president in a nation that: was composed of thirteen large and small States jealous of their own rights and powers and suspicious of any central national government; contained only 4,000,000 people spread up and down a thousand miles of Atlantic seaboard barely connected by transportation or communication (so that national campaigns were impractical even if they had been thought desirable); believed, under the influence of such British political thinkers as Henry St. John Bolingbroke, that political parties were mischievous if not downright evil; and felt that gentlemen should not campaign for public office (The saying was "The office should seek the man, the man should not seek the office.").

The function of the College of Electors in choosing the president can be likened to that in the Roman Catholic Church of the College of Cardinals selecting the Pope. The original idea was for the most knowledgeable and informed individuals from each State to select the president based solely on merit and without regard to State of origin or political party.

The structure of the Electoral College can be traced to the Centurial Assembly system of the Roman Republic. Under that system, the adult male citizens of Rome were divided, according to their wealth, into groups of 100 (called Centuries). Each group of 100 was entitled to cast only one vote either in favor or against proposals submitted to them by the Roman Senate. In the Electoral College system, the States serve as the Centurial groups (though they are not, of course, based on wealth), and the number of votes per State is determined by the size of each State's Congressional delegation. Still, the two systems are similar in design and share many of the same advantages and disadvantages.

The similarities between the Electoral College and classical institutions are not accidental. Many of the Founding Fathers were well schooled in ancient history and its lessons.
attributed to William C. Kimberling, Deputy Director FEC National Clearinghouse on Election Administration

yuh, the reason we have the electoral college musta been keepin the bruthas down. you must be confusing it with the 3/5's compromise. :stupid

the reason madison said what he said was virginia's agrarian status and relative lack of dense population centers. the electoral college increased virginia's influence in choosing the president compared to a popular vote. so he did have a motivation, but it was NOT slavery.

not ironically, at least to me, it functions much the same way 225+ years later. wonderfully, in this election, it staved off franklin's prediction that “when the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.” Guess which side of the college debate he was on? :cheer
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By austrotard
I watched a replay of crystal palace v manchester united, 17 april 1971.

and fuck me if yardsale wasn't on the pitch.
time travelling rabble rouser.

spoiler: we won 5-3
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By Randall Dee
When you were getting skunked with 8:00PM bedtime society, I watched the Ward vs Kovalev fight. You missed a pretty good one.
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By austrotard
bellew v. haye 4 march

joshua v. molina was a whitewash the other night.

bring on the klit.
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By Bruiser
Randall Dee wrote:Any time I read "libtard" in a political diatribe, I know it's legit.
Agreed. It adds patriotism to the discussion as well.
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By yard4sale
Randall Dee wrote:When you were getting skunked with 8:00PM bedtime society, I watched the Ward vs Kovalev fight. You missed a pretty good one.
Hey now. You gotta get to bed early if you want to be on the water by noonish.
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yard4sale wrote: Hey now. You gotta get to bed early if you want to be on the water by noonish.
Damn straight.
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By Spudnik
Willi wrote:Seems to me that if we did evolve into a true multiparty party system with a number of competitive parties there would be some SIGNIFICANT problems with the way things are now set up. If the varied parties were truly competitive, the House of Reps would be choosing every one of our Presidents and the Senate would be choosing our VP.

Exactly. That's how it was meant to be and if Congress wasn't filled with a bunch of asshats, it could actually work.

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