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By yard4sale
I was shocked when captain cheetoh dust didn't say or do something to disqualify himself prior to election. Now that's he is in the first month has brought us:

Conways obvious ethical violation
Illegal executive order
Shady family/business connections
Foreign policy being hashed out in a restaurant

And now Flynn. CCD knew it happened but didn't take action until it went public. Smart money is on him either enabling or ordering it but that probably won't be proven.

So who's up for a super bowl style fly pool on his impeachment date? I haven't run one of these but I'm thinking we take the number of players, divide that into time remaining in office, and everybody gets a randomly assigned window. Losers send winner a fly or six.

If we are going to hell in a bucket might as well enjoy the ride.
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By Kfoxwyo
In, unless my inability to actually tie flies precludes me- but I promise no store bought flies but hand tied by someone with a soul who I know.
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By austrotard
I kinda like him so at this stage I'm going to have to decline.

go trump.
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austrotard wrote: go trump.
He's a twit.


Flyties may take through the next two presidents, but who knows, that could be like 12 weeks.
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By skullion childs
SLSS wrote:
Flyties may take through the next two presidents, but who knows, that could be like 12 weeks.
I larfed.

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In like Flynn....uh wait a minute, that line dudn't work so well anymores....

In. That said, none of us really need flies,etc. but I'm sure some urban kids who could use an outlet and learn about nature before Mango Mussolini destroys it would benefit from some flies, equipment etc.

No Trout Unlimited shit though, they've been "compromised" imho.... :bullshit
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By yard4sale
Fawk me

I was pretty proud of chief cheetoh dust.

Mango mussolini for the win!
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By Woolybug25
I'm definitely in.

I would like to enter "The Tangerine Tornado" in the nickname kicker pool as well.
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By befuddled
Fuck yeah I'm in. I'm going to go through all the names I can and find the most appropriate one and learn to tie it. Mango cheetoo fly swap.

Edit to spell the word "learn" as if I'd actually been to high school.
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