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By befuddled
I spoke to my state Rep last week about setting up a Veterans' Court in our county. By this week her legislative aide is already talking to her "drafter" and trying to get a bill framed out.

If any of you know somebody with PTSD and have seen them get in trouble and think they would have been better served getting help than thrown in jail then consider making a call to your legislatures. I literally got the ball rolling on this with a single call. I've got to believe that at least a portion of the 22 vets who commit suicide a day in this country were facing some sort of charges and didn't have any sort of formal system trying to help them.

edited: the least I could have done was spell veteran correctly. dammit
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By Upsetter
We already have one in all of our big towns here. It's a subsidiary of the drug court, which operates in much the same way. But good looking out. Get one started up in your neck of the woods.
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