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By CC Riebeeck
austrotard wrote: Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:06 am one whisper clapping... as is the tao of slss/pooh.

the ones that don't know look it up.
the ones that do? check and make me right.

$5, btices.
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By Plow
yard4sale wrote: Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:02 pm I’ve come to realize talking politics with Plow is like turning on Fox News and yelling at the TV.
Hearing the truth has that effect on some people. By some people I mean racist, libs, democratic socialists, nazis, fascists, white/black/yourcolorhere supremacist, antifa, etc, most democrats, some republicans and all sheeples.
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By austrotard
now would be a great time for an epic natural disaster, hey.

a real 'come by here' sing song is in order.
maybe pray for the west coast to fall in... or aliens.

yeah, let us pray for aliens. they'll save you.
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Plow wrote: Sun Jul 29, 2018 4:55 pm
yard4sale wrote: Solid job using a small minority to represent the mass.
Who should I be using; Pelosi, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Ellison, Sanders, Pocahontas (Warren)
or my favorite know-nothing the Dem Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Jr. When dem leadership comes out in a meaningful way against this “small minority” I’ll consider them not the base.
Yes, the same can be said of how trumps base is portrayed.

The difference is that Trump plays to that minority and stokes the flames of hate. While the D’s rhetoric has grown lately Trumps has been rocket fueled.

It’s like the civility debate. For years trump uses playground derogatory nicknames but then when a private restaurant denies business to his chief liar it’s out of bounds.
Not feeling any hate on my end, how about on your end? Any time the right is telling the truth the lift is screaming hate.

“Rocket Man” has sure come around, 4 prisoners released (1 died), 55 military remains returned (more to come?) and he appears to be dismantling his nuke program (jury still out). I’m ok with the derogatory name and apparently Un in also. Derogatory names are way cheaper than Obama’s plane full of cash btw.

Sanders handle it with class. No doubt the restaurant is part of the “small minority”. It’s the way the left operates, hate all the time.
I’d like to talk only about policy. That’s the proper way to do things.
Go ahead, I'm all ears...
Your boy stepped over that line beginning with the birther movement and now does so on a daily basis. His insane rhetoric and outright lying makes that impossible though.
Hope you’re charging Trump rent because he’s living in your head. Get over it, move on, Trump is president. Enjoy the prosperity.
I’m hopeful the Ds stick to the issues at the midterms. The Rs have had complete control for 2 years now and have only a shitty tax cut for the wealthy to show for it. Sure you are riding the downward trend of unemployment built by Obama. Sure you get to appoint lots of judges, but that’s only due to McConnels unethical hijacking of the process.
By Ds “issues” this midterm I assume you mean open borders, abolishing ICE, guaranteed income and/or guaranteed federal job and assorted nonsense. Please, tell us about the dem issues.

Trump said he could get this economy going in no time, all he had to do was undo everything Obama did. He was right, nothing to it.

McConnel is using the same “nuclear-option” that Harry Reed pioneered from 2013 for judges. You should know that, seriously. (In case you conveniently forgot Reid was the dem leader of the senate)

America has lost one of its most powerful tools: influence. Our allies just roll their eyes and look for a way to appease the holy narcissist. Our foes are openly upstaging trump at his own game of negotiation.

How exactly is trump making America great again? If he had any actual wins he wouldn’t have to focus so much on how unfair he is being treated. Nobody can argue with results.
America has plenty of influence under Trump, especially when we lay down a red line.

“How Trump is making America great again”, google it. You’ll see.
Bravo PLOW....
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