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I'm temped to try that one...but it would not matter . Youvarevfullnof shit.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
0403 963 416

I reckon if you search this number you will find an exact match.
you may find my address as well... perhaps a photo of the mitchell downs estate. who fucking knows?

but one thing I can assure you is... this will probably take you (at least) 15min to comprehend.

damn I wish my mate 'yard was here. he defend you to the death.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
hmmm... make an ass out of you and your regards.

not one phone call.
I must be a cunt of some sort.

"yes, mitch. you are some sort of cunt." said everyone always.

list of drakians that have called me on the phone:

that saffa twat

I'm gonna go stick my head in the oven.
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By ...
I tried...but stick your head in the oven anyways.sack
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By mitch aka 2 fish
you may be hungover now but wait until you find out you've fucked your sister again.

'fuck. this always happens on fridays.'
"but today is sunday..."
'well don't I feel the twat.' said gun control, wiping his dick on the torn paper blinds.
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Speaking from experience...again swagman or is it uncle baby daddy
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