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By jack straw
I hate to do it, but I am selling my custom Hyde low-profile drift boat and trailer, fully loaded. Comes with Cataract composite oars, anchor, life jackets, and all the fixin's you need for fall fishing. Plus, it has a one-of-a-kind custom factory camo paint job, so it's good for hunting as well. This is a pro staff boat (I used to be a guide), is in great shape, and is set up ideally for serious western river fishing. Dry box rower bench, dry bow storage. Looking for $5500 but will take offers. $6000 and you can have a Honda 4-stroke 2hp motor too. Boat is in Jackson Hole, available immediately.
By Highsticken
could you please post the pics here? and wheres your avatar?
By Highsticken
I need to see them here. Ca'mon, you can do it!
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By jhnnythndr
is this trailer still available?
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By jhnnythndr
this here is the new unlimited grateful dead thread. it is not for all music, like the cla7 thread, it is not for phish, not for panic, not for the allman bros, bands which other than phish arguably deserve a thread of there own, but this one is not it. this is the all new grateful dead unlimited thread. dead of course is till welcome in the cla7 thread, but htis is its home.

I'll open with this becuase yes, as of late would like to tear this whiole building down

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