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By germanbrown
my 3 3/8" Hardy Winston Perfect reel is now on ebayUp for auction is a Limited Edition Winston 3 3/8" Perfect Fly reel made by Hardy in England. Reel comes with extra spool, original Winston embroidered velvet reel case, all paperwork and two original boxes. The reel has been lightly used a few times by myself over the past two months. It is a lovely reel to both collect and fish. A "Perfect" reel for bamboo fly rods. The 3 3/8" reel is suitable for 5,6 & 7 wt lines. This reel can be coverted from LHW to RHW. It is currently set up for LHW. Line & Rod not inlcuded. The Perfect fly reel and it's brother the Bougle have a velvet smooth drag that runs on ball bearings. U shaped nickle silver lineguard, nickle silver left handed thread spool retaining screw and stamped nickle silver foot. Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Imagen All over the globe, there are people who love to fish and in the universal language of the sport, one name reigns supreme - that of Hardy. For well over a century, House of Hardy has been renowned as the manufacturer of the finest game fishing tackle in the world - the name is synonymous with quality and excellence. Such reputations are not acquired easily, but it has never faltered throughout the company's long history.In 1891, the first Hardy "Perfect" reel was patented. This design has stood the test of time, and although there have been one or two minor alterations, the same basic model is manufactured today.I am selling this reel to finance new tools for my bamboo rod shop.
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