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By Highsticken
I just bought the entire fur, feather, and synthetic section from a fairly large fly shop. I cant use it all and I need to sell some of it. I'll do ten dollar grab bags, or 60% off of already low sticker. n I will guarantee at least 30 dollars worth of stuff in a mixed grab bag. You will not be disappointed.n I will also consider any bulk offers.n You pay shipping on any order. I have too much to list but I'll work on a picture.Pm me for more details.Trades Welcome, Cash Preferred .

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By speybait
I'd at least do a grab bag if not more.
By Highsticken
Thanks for All the PMs. Send *12 dollars per bag ton Fly Stuffn P.O. box 453n Tribes Hill N.Y.n 12177I will try to accommodate specific requests, but please do not send a list of what you want.Heres how I'll make the bags so every one is happy and I wont have to dig through boxes looking for a specific color quill.Drys, Nymphs, Streamers, Salt water, or Warm water.n ORn I will separate by color.One or the other not both.That does not mean The the entire bag will be filled with any specific category. You may get some bead heads in with your dry fly bag. Most of the bag will be for drys.Along with a check or M/O be sure to include what kind of bag you want, your user name , and your Mailing address.n I will hold delivery until your check clears. M/O orders will be shipped same day.Thanksn Dan* 2 bucks to cover shipping cost and bags.
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