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By FlyFishNut
Hell no, I don't.

Ironic, we were just talking about this last night at dinner. My wife was describing the bull fight she saw in Spain - Now don't lump me in with the Flower Child contingency, AKA Crockadilly Pro Lifers here.... But gradually stabbing an animal with skewers and running around in faggoty shiny clothes to a cheering crowd isn't all that cool in my book.

If you are going to kill something do it quickly and then eat it, or have a reason to kill it - like "it's eating my sheep".

I was rooting for the Bull.... plus I'm a Taurus...
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By Gaper's Pimp
Don't mess with the bull, son; you'll get the horn.
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By RaZ
no doubt i feel bad for the animal.
but would never wish horn gouge to the gens for anyone. even gay spaniards. :cheer
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By Bobwhite
Seeenor... some days the bull wins.
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