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By Bobwhite
We all live with some art in our lives... even if it's a framed Christmas card from one of the kids. But not many people have actually watched a painting come together.

I wish I had started this thread earlier, when it was nothing but pencil marks, but I didn't think of it until late last night, when I was finishing up the day.
Late night in the studio...
Workinprogress.JPG (149.37 KiB) Viewed 3600 times
I love painting fish... every one of them is a jewel...
Reflection of a ghost...
Workinprogressdetail.JPG (145.55 KiB) Viewed 3600 times
I'll try and keep up with the daily updates, until it's finished.
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By Adams
Shit --looks like your paint-by-numbers supplier prints their numbers really small. . .
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By Bobwhite
Adams wrote:Shit --looks like your paint-by-numbers supplier prints their numbers really small. . .
Ha... can you believe I flunked art in Kindergarten because I refused to color within the lines!

I like the drawing to be as detailed as possible, so I don't have to worry about anything but value and color while I'm painting.

Top Ten Questions Asked of Artists at Art Shows
(With answers)

10. Ya got any covered bridges (in the Midwest)? [Substitute dolphins on the West Coast, ships in the Northeast, cowboys in the Southwest, seashells in the Southeast.]
(Nope, sold the last one to Wal-Mart, just yesterday.)

9.Do you do portraits from photos?
(Only if you don't have about 30 hours to pose.)

8.How long have you painted?
(I once did one 8 feet long.)

7.Which one is your favourite?
(My next one.)

6.What's the smallest size (read cheapest) painting you do?
(I once painted the entire Sistine Chapel Ceiling on the head of a pin.)

5.How long does it take you to do a painting?
(Depends on what's on TV at the time.)

4.You draw all these yourself?
(Yep, can't get no one else to do them for me.)

3.Do you have a card?
(Yes, how about you? MasterCard would be fine.)

2.Do you have this in a size larger, maybe in brown instead of blue?
(I could special-order you one but it'd cost $100 more and take 60 days.)

1.Could you tell me, which way is to the rest rooms?
(I could, but I like watching you prance around waiting for an answer.)
By Truchero
That shit's funny Bob.

How much time do you have invested in the painting to this point? (I have no appreciation for how long something like this takes)

As I've told you before, I envy your talent. :bow
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By Bobwhite
No problem, Truchero...

I've got about about 20 hours total into it as I type this. The easy part wrapping up... probably another 20 hours of work and then let it sit for a week before going back to it... 'cause there's always something I'll want to change before it gets sent on its way.
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By P-A
That top ten list made me spit 15 year old Glenfarclas over
the screen Bob!! Laughing so hard i cant breath, feels like medicine my friend!!
:cool :cool :cool :cool
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By cantfishforshit
Ah...the mouse on the wheel in my head is sheet Mr. White. Thanks for sharing. :cool
By blue ridge angler
top notch stuff bob... :cool
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By Bobwhite
P-A wrote:That top ten list made me spit 15 year old Glenfarclas over
the screen Bob!! Laughing so hard i cant breath, feels like medicine my friend!!
:cool :cool :cool :cool
I think that spitting Glenfarclas out constitutes alcohol abuse, P-A. We're glad you got a good laugh out of it.
Lagooner wrote:Very Nice.
What medium?
I'm painting in oils, thinned with lindseed oil and copal varnish, on prepared masonite.

Thanks guys... I'll post up the progress as it happens.
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