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By Float Rod
Smithhammer wrote:
Anger is a totally understandable reaction, and believe me - I'm as pissed as anyone. I've been following the updates closely since this started, and at this point, I seriously want to throw something at the wall in frustration. But yelling at each other on this board over who is to blame on this issue, or trying to make it into something for which one political party or the other is to blame, accomplishes nothing. Just sayin.

This is a tragic situation to us ALL, regardless of chosen party line.
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By Redchaser
VTNZ wrote: Think of how we all feel, most of us on this thread are 100's + mile away, and then think about the catch-22 that some folks must feel along the gulf. Oil production has been a pillar of the economy, and I bet that most of the gulf gang here have friends/family that work directly/indirectly for oil. Yet, they also make their living off of the environment, fishing, guiding,toursim,etc. It's no wonder folks in the gulf aren't saying too much, it must be grueling to lose your livlihood while the industry your uncle Fred works in caused this. I don't wish that kind of vibe on anyone...[/size][/size]
VTNZ hit it on the head. I hadn't said much about it, because watching this unfold, I just don't have the stomach for all the political bullshit people are going to throw up about it. Guess what, both fucking parties suck. Deepwater Horizon went into service in 2001, GWB's first year in office, nothing he had implimented at the time would have allowed the rig to go into service that wasn't already in place with his predicessor.

The impact on the Louisiana and Gulf Coast economy is going to be staggering. Seafood and tourism industries are going to have a dead summer, I really feel for TY, I know the business he is in and if folks don't go to Florida this summer, he's going to feel it. On top of that politicians will use this incident to make political hay and will fuck what's left of the oil Industry. This is a fucking disaster, BP should be held accountable, but the vast majority of what I'm seeing spewed on here comes from an absolute lack of knowledge about how drilling operations work. While I think BP execs are full of shit when they say they are putting forth an "Apollo 13" effort to fix this, the technology involved in this drilling operation exceeds anything the Apollo program ever saw. The blow out itself - a "Shit happens" freak accident kind of thing, the most likely reason the BOP isn't functioning is probably because it's obstructed, either a hanger is in it, or the drill pipe bent inside the bop preventing it from being able to sheer and close. On that account, not so much BP's fault as just bad fucking luck. Now their pathetic response to this is a whole nuther issue....and for that I hope their sacks get stomped.

Got word from a friend that guides down there. He took a boat ride, said it looks like the west portion of the Biloxi marsh is ok for now because currents from the river are pushing the mess farther east. The eastern portion of Biloxi marsh toward the Miss. state line and the Chandeleur's are going to be fucked. BP personell in the area are being escorted around by armed guards to keep the commercial fishermen from chopping them up for chum.

Anybody hear from n8?
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By Crick Addict
This morning I heard a fisheries biologist state that it would take the Gulf, 5-10
years to recover, and if teh spill was not contained asap, it might not
ever recover in our life time. What? I hope his hypothesis is just that....
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By Mattb
Redchaser wrote:The blow out itself - a "Shit happens" freak accident kind of thing, the most likely reason the BOP isn't functioning is probably because it's obstructed, either a hanger is in it, or the drill pipe bent inside the bop preventing it from being able to sheer and close.
Redchaser, you make some really good points, and I agree with most if it, but your point above is what gets me.

You might be right about this being, at its root, a simple case of bad luck. The question we need to be asking is - If a single stroke of bad luck with this industry in this spot can cause this kind of destruction, is it even worth allowing them to operate there? A mentor at an old job once told me "If the only way you can do something is to walk across a flaming tightrope while blindfolded and juggling chainsaws, you really need to think hard about whether or not it's worth doing" and I think that applies here.
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By Gaper's Pimp
Guess what, both fucking parties suck.
True that, Chaser.

Anyone trying to paint this colossal goatfuck in partisan colors needs to wake the hell up. I run my A/C for 8 months out the year and drive a 4WD crewcab. I'm as much to blame as anyone in Washington.
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By foureyedgeek
Probably crushing it somewhere with this guy.

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By Mattb
Update from the WSJ - ... 69072.html
An oil-drilling procedure called cementing is coming under scrutiny as a possible cause of the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico that has led to one of the biggest oil spills in U.S. history, drilling experts said Thursday.
A 2007 study by three U.S. Minerals Management Service officials found that cementing was a factor in 18 of 39 well blowouts in the Gulf of Mexico over a 14-year period. That was the single largest factor, ahead of equipment failure and pipe failure.
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By Smithhammer
From AP:

British Petroleum’s 52-page exploration plan for the Deepwater Horizon well, filed with the federal Minerals Management Service, says repeatedly that it was, “unlikely that an accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities.”

And while the company conceded that a spill would impact beaches, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas, it argued that “due to the distance to shore (48 miles) and the response capabilities that would be implemented, no significant adverse impacts are expected.”
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By Adams
From that article
"What has failed here is the ultimate safety device on a drilling rig," he said. "There are many barriers of protection that you have to go to before you get to this. It isn't designed to not fail."
Interesting choice of words.

The blame streaming begins. . .
And the $75M damages cap BP apparently has won't begin to cover the fallout from this.
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